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More Kinds of Being: A Further Study of Individuation, Identity, and the Logic of Sortal Terms

ISBN: 978-1-4051-8256-0
240 pages
December 2009, Wiley-Blackwell
More Kinds of Being: A Further Study of Individuation, Identity, and the Logic of Sortal Terms (1405182563) cover image


Taking into account significant developments in the metaphysical thinking of E. J. Lowe over the past 20 years, More Kinds of Being:A Further Study of Individuation, Identity, and the Logic of Sortal Terms presents a thorough reworking and expansion of the 1989 edition of Kinds of Being.

  • Brings many of the original ideas and arguments put forth in Kinds of Being thoroughly up to date in light of new developments
  • Features a thorough reworking and expansion of the earlier work, rather than just a new edition
  • Reflects the author's conversion to what he calls 'the four-category ontology,' a metaphysical system that takes its inspiration from Aristotle
  • Provides a unified discussion of individuation and identity that should prove to be essential reading for philosophers working in metaphysics.
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Table of Contents

Preface* vii

Acknowledgements xi

1 Introduction 1

The Varieties of 'Is' 3

Individuals, Kinds, and Realism 4

Semantics, Metaphysics, and Necessity 6

New Developments* 8

2 Sortal Terms and Criteria of Identity 12

3 Individuals, Sorts, and Instantiation 29

4 Number, Unity, and Individuality* 42

5 The Absoluteness of Identity: A Defence 57

Appendix: Some Formal Principles and Arguments 72

6 Identity and Constitution 77

7 Parts and Wholes 92

8 Persons and Their Bodies 104

Matter and Organisms 104

Organisms and Persons 113

Is There a Criterion of Personal Identity? 125

9 Sortal Terms and Natural Laws 141

10 Plural Quantification and Sortal Reference* 164

11 Laws, Dispositions, and Sortal Logic 179

Appendix: An Axiomatic System of Sortal Logic 194

12 What Sorts of Things Are There?* 198

The Syntax and Semantics of Complex Sortal Terms 198

On the Identity of Sorts 212

Bibliography* 217

Index 223

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Author Information

E.J. Lowe (1950-2014) was Professor of Philosophy at the University of Durham. One of the foremost metaphysicians working in philosophy during his time, he was the author of numerous influential articles and books in metaphysics, philosophy of mind and the history of philosophy, including Kinds of Being (Blackwell, 1989) and, more recently, The Four-Category Ontology: A Metaphysical Foundation for Natural Science (2006).

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“The two issues I have raised only serve to highlight the originality of Lowe’s work. More Kinds of Beingis a remarkable book. It sets the stage for numerous debates in metaphysics, philosophical logic, philosophy of language, and philosophy of mind that are sure to continue much longer than another two decades.”  (Mind, 1 January 2013)

"Throughout, one finds the usual clarity, thoroughness, and systematic thinking that are a mark of all of Lowe's ever expanding and remarkable corpus. This book should be in every college and university library." (CHOICE, July 2010)

"More Kinds of Being is densely and masterfully argued, written with great clarity, and makes a number of important original contributions to the field. It is certainly essential reading for anyone interested in contemporary analytical metaphysics. This is a metaphysical study of lasting value and significance." (Notre Dame Philosophical Reviews, August 12, 2010)

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