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Acta Archaeologica Supplementa IX: Stone Age Studies in Post-Glacial Europe

ISBN: 978-1-4051-8421-2
230 pages
July 2009, Wiley-Blackwell
Acta Archaeologica Supplementa IX: Stone Age Studies in Post-Glacial Europe (1405184213) cover image


An important contribution to the European Mesolithic and Neolithic literature.
  • Focusses on Northern Europe including Novel methods and studies, and very important finds.
  • Includes major new developments on Ezero-Kale in Bulgaria (a sequel to Acta Archaeologica Supplementa VI, 2005 on the Lîga Copper Age settlement).
  • Provides a superb explanation of the collapse of Balkan Copper Age societies and the long transition to the Bronze Age.
  • Includes the re-orientation towards the new centres of the Mediterranean and the Near East: indeed, the dawn of civilization.
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Table of Contents

1. From the Copper Age to The Bronze Age in the Southern Balkans (Inga Merkyte).

2. The Function of Perforated Shoe-Last Axes (Niels V. Skak-Nielsen).

3. The Ahrensburgian Galta 3 Site in SW Norway: Dating, Technology And Cultural Affinity (Ingrid Fuglestvedt).

4. The Northern Periphery of the TRB: Graves and Ritual Deposits in Norway (Einar Østmo).

5. The Mesolithic Settlement in NE Savo, Finland and the Earliest Settlement in the Eastern Baltic Sea (Timo Jussila, Aivar Kriiska, Tapani Rostedt).

6. The Composition of Mesolithic Food : Evidence from the Submerged Settlement on The Argus Bank, Denmark (Anders Fischer, Mike Richards, Jesper Olsen, David Earle Robinson, Pia Bennike, Lucyna Kubiak-Martens, Jan Heinemeier).

7. Historical Context of the term 'Complexity' in the South Scandinavian Mesolithic (Erik Brinch Petersen, Christopher Meiklejohn).

8. New Information on the Stone Age Graves at Dragsholm, Denmark (T. Douglas Price, Stanley H. Ambrose, Pia Bennike, Jan Heinemeier, Nanna Noe-Nygaard, Erik Brinch Petersen, Peter Vang Petersen, Michael P. Richards).

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Author Information

Klavs Randsborg is the Editor of Acta Archaeologica. Founded in 1930, the journal is the leading scientific international archaeological periodical in Scandinavia. It publishes full presentations of important new discoveries, archaeological analyses, and general and interdisciplinary studies with an archaeological basis.
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