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Practical Radiotherapy: Physics and Equipment, 2nd Edition

Pam Cherry (Editor), Angela Duxbury (Editor)
ISBN: 978-1-4051-8426-7
302 pages
August 2009, Wiley-Blackwell
Practical Radiotherapy: Physics and Equipment, 2nd Edition (1405184264) cover image


Practical Radiotherapy introduces the reader to the physics and equipment that is central to radiotherapy practice.

The early section of the book deals with the essential physics and mathematics of radiation beams with chapters on atomic and applied laws of physics, X-ray production, radiation dosimetry and X-ray interactions with matter.

Each of the key pieces of radiotherapy department equipment is described in detail and further sections embrace all aspects of the therapeutic radiographer’s work including: imaging systems, verification and immobilisation, legislation, radionuclide imaging and brachytherapy.

Based on the most up-to-date scientific information in radiotherapy, Pracatical Radiotherapy is written by an experienced team of practitioners and teachers who present a difficult and dry subject in a reader-friendly manner, covering all of the required core information.

This second edition has been extensively revised and is fully up to date with key developments in equipment and practice, namely: stereotacic radiosurgery, CT SIM and SIM CT, portal imaging, MLC and HDR brachytherapy.


• Covers the required core information in a single volume

• Reader-friendly style and format

• Self-assessment and further reading at the end of each chapter

• All of the contributors are well known teachers in the field

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Table of Contents




Chapter 1 Basic skills for radiotherapy physics (Elaine Ryan).

Chapter 2 X-ray production (Elaine Ryan).

Chapter 3 Radiation dosimetry (Janette Chianese and Fiona Chamberlain).

Chapter 4 X-ray interactions with matter (Kathryn Cooke).

Chapter 5 Pre-treatment imaging (Caroline Wright, Jonathan McConnell and Katheryn Churcher)

Chapter 6 Simulation equipment (Alan Needham).

Chapter 7 Immobilisation equipment (Helen and Nick White).

Chapter 8 Megavoltage equipment (David Flinton and Elizabeth Miles).

Chapter 9 Kilovoltage equipment (David Flinton).

Chapter 10 Treatment planning and computer systems (John Conway and Christopher M Bragg).

Chapter 11 Methods of beam direction (Anne Jessop).

Chapter 12 Advanced treatment delivery (Pete Bridge).

Chapter 13 Treatment verification (Cath Holborn).

Chapter 14 Introduction to radiation protection (Pete Bridge).

Chapter 15 Use of radionuclides in imaging and therapy (David Duncan).

Chapter 16 Sealed sources in radiotherapy (Tony Flynn and Bruce Thomadsen).

Appendix Self-test answers.


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Author Information

Pam Cherry is Acting Head of the Department of Radiography at City University, London

Angela M. Duxbury is Professor of Therapy Radiography at Sheffield Hallam University. She is Editor of the international Journal of Radiotherapy in Practice.

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