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Brachiopoda: Fossil and Recent

David A. T. Harper (Editor), Sarah L. Long (Editor), Claus Nielsen (Editor)
ISBN: 978-1-4051-8664-3
336 pages
February 2009, Wiley-Blackwell
Brachiopoda: Fossil and Recent (140518664X) cover image


This substantial volume showcases 35 of the presentations delivered at the 5th International Brachiopod Congress in Copenhagen. The brachiopod congresses are a focus for cutting-edge research in brachiopod palaeontology and neontology. The presentations from the Copenhagen Congress cover a wide range of material from basic morphology and taxonomy through advances in molecular phylogeny and ultrastructural studies to the biogeography and palaeoecology of the phylum. About 75% of the papers relate to fossil brachiopods and the rest to living forms The following fields are represented in the volume: Taxonomy/Morphology (25%), Ecology/Palaeoecology (35%) and Stratigraphy/Biogeography (20%), phylogeny (10%) and Biochemistry/Genetics (10%). The volume is beautifully illustrated throughout and the papers together represent an exciting snapshot of contemporary brachiopod research as it continues into the third millennium.
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Author Information

David Harper is Professor of Palaeontology in the University of Copenhagen and Head of Geology in the Natural History Museum of Denmark; he has co-authored a number of textbooks in palaeontology.

Sarah Long is Head of Palaeontological Collections in the Natural History Museum, London and co-edited the proceedings from the Millennium Brachiopod Congress (London 2000).

Claus Nielsen is Professor of Professor of Evolutionary Invertebrate Embryology in the Natural History Museum of Denmark, University of Copenhagen and is author of the highly-acclaimed book 'Animal Evolution'. Together the editors have wide experience in many aspects of brachiopod research and a long track record in editorial work.

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