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The New Blackwell Companion to Medical Sociology

ISBN: 978-1-4051-8868-5
614 pages
December 2009, Wiley-Blackwell
The New Blackwell Companion to Medical Sociology  (1405188685) cover image


An authoritative, topical, and comprehensive reference to the key concepts and most important traditional and contemporary issues in medical sociology.
  • Contains 35 chapters by recognized experts in the field, both established and rising young scholars
  • Covers standard topics in the field as well as new and engaging issues such as bioterrorism, bioethics, and infectious disease
  • Chapters are thematically arranged to cover the major issues of the sub-discipline
  • Global range of contributors and an international perspective
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Table of Contents


Part I: Introduction:

1. Medical Sociology and Sociological Theory: William C. Cockerham (University of Alabama) and Graham Scambler (University College, London)

2. Health and Culture: Stella Quah (National University of Singapore)

3. The Sociology of the Body: Sarah Nettleton (University of York)

Part II: Health and Social Inequalities:

4. Health and Social Stratification: Eero Lahelma (University of Helsinki)

5. Health Status and Gender: Ellen Annandale (University of Leicester)

6. Health, Ethnicity, and Race: Hannah Bradby (University of Warwick) and James Y. Nazroo (University of Manchester)

Part III: Health and Social Relationships:

7. Health and Religion: Ellen L. Idler (Emory University)

8. Health Lifestyles: Bringing Structure Back: William C. Cockerham (University of Alabama)

9. Social Capital and Health: Lijun Song (Vanderbilt University), Joonmo Son (National University of Singapore), and Nan Lin (Duke University)

10. Medicalization, Social Control, and the Relief of Suffering: Joseph E. Davis (University of Virginia)

11. Stress: William R. Avison (University of Western Ontario) and Stephanie S. Thomas (University of Western Ontario)

12. Stress in the Workplace: Johannes Siegrist (University of Düsseldorf)

Part IV: Health and Disease:

13. Emerging Infectious Diseases, Urbanization, and Globalization in the Time of Global Warming: George J. Armelagos (Emory University) and Kristin N. Harper (Columbia University)

14. Chronic Illness: Kathy Charmaz (Sonoma State University) and Dana Rosenfeld (University of Keele)  

Part V: Health Care Delivery:

15. Health Professions and Occupations: Elianne Riska (University of Helsinki)

16. Challenges to the Doctor–Patient Relationship in the Twenty-First Century: Jennifer Vanderminden (University of New Hampshire) and Sharyn J. Potter (University of New Hampshire)

17. Complementary and Alternative Medicine: Processes of Legitimation, Professionalization, and Cooption: Hans A. Baer (University of Melbourne)

18. The American Health Care System: Beginning the Twenty-First Century with High Risk, Major Challenges, and Great Opportunities: Bernice A. Pescosolido (Indiana University) and Carol A. Boyer (Rutgers University)

19. The British Health Care System: Michael Bury (University of London)

20. The Convergence and Divergence of Modern Health Care Systems: Fred Stevens (University of Maastricht)

21. Social Policies and Health Inequalities: Amélie Quesnel-Vallée (McGill University) and Tania Jenkins (McGill University)

Part VI: New Developments:

22. A Sociological Gaze on Bioethics: Kristina Orfali (Columbia University) and Raymond G. DeVries (University of Michigan Medical School)

23. Medical Sociology and Genetics: Paul A. Martin (University of Nottingham) and Robert Dingwall (University of Nottingham)

24. New Developments in Neuroscience and Medical Sociology: Simon J. Williams (University of Warwick)

Author Index

Subject Index

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Author Information

William C. Cockerham is Distinguished Professor of Sociology and Co-Director of the Center for Social Medicine at the University of Alabama at Birmingham (USA). He is President of the Research Committee on Health Sociology of the International Sociological Association and a current member of the Editorial Board of the American Sociological Review. His recent books include Social Causes of Health and Disease (2007), Medical Sociology, 11th edition (2010), and the co-authored Health and Globalization (2010).
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"Generally, this is up-to-date review of medical sociology is a necessary source for all medical sociologists....highly recommended." (Choice, October 2010).
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