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A Companion to Sparta

ISBN: 978-1-4051-8869-2
815 pages
November 2017, Wiley-Blackwell
A Companion to Sparta (1405188693) cover image


The two-volume A Companion to Sparta presents the first comprehensive, multi-authored series of essays to address all aspects of Spartan history and society from its origins in the Greek Dark Ages to the late Roman Empire.
  • Offers a lucid, comprehensive introduction to all aspects of Sparta, a community recognised by contemporary cities as the greatest power in classical Greece
  • Features in-depth coverage of Sparta history and culture contributed by an international cast including almost every noted specialist and scholar in the field
  • Provides over a dozen images of Spartan art that reveal the evolution of everyday life in Sparta
  • Sheds new light on a modern controversy relating to changes in Spartan society from the Archaic to Classical periods
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Table of Contents

Notes on Contributors

Foreword by Paul Cartledge


Part 1: Reconstructing Sparta: general

1. Anton Powell `Sparta: Reconstructing History from Secrecy, Lies and Myth'

2. Stephen Hodkinson `An Exceptional Domination of State over Society?’

Part 2: Origins: From Pre-Classical to Classical Culture

3. William Cavanagh `An Archaeology of Ancient Sparta with reference to Laconia and Messenia

4. Massimo Nafissi `Lykourgos the Spartan “Lawgiver”: Ancient Beliefs and Modern Scholarship'

5. Maria Pipili `Laconian Pottery'

6. Francis Prost `Laconian Art' (translated by James Roy)

7. Claude Calame `Pre-Classical Sparta as Song Culture’(trans. James Roy)

8. Hans van Wees `Luxury, Austerity and Equality in Sparta’

9. Hans van Wees `The Common Messes’

Part 3: Political and Military History: The Classical Period and Beyond

10. Marcello Lupi `Sparta and the Persian Wars, 499-478’

11. Anton Powell `Sparta's Foreign – and Internal – History, 478-403'

12. Françoise Ruzé 'The Empire of the Spartans, 403-371' (trans. A. Powell)

13. James Roy `Sparta and the Peloponnese from the Archaic Period to 363'

14. Daniel Stewart `From Leuktra to Nabis, 371-192'

15. Yves Lafond `Sparta in the Roman Period’ (trans. A. Powell)



Table of Contents

Notes on Contributors


Foreword by Paul Cartledge

Part 3:  Culture, Society and Economy: The Classical Period and Beyond

16. Michael A. Flower `Spartan Religion’

17. Ellen Millender `Kingship: The History, Power and Prerogatives of  the Spartans' “Divine” Dyarchy’

18. Philip Davies `Equality and Distinction within the Spartiate Community’

19. Ellen Millender `Spartan Women’

20. Nicolas Richer `Spartan Education in the Classical Period' (trans. A. Powell)

21. Paul Christesen `Sparta and Athletics’

22. Thomas Figueira `Helotage and the Spartan Economy’

23. Jean Ducat `The Perioikoi’ (trans. A. Powell)

24. Jacqueline Christien `Roads and Quarries in Laconia' (trans. Christopher Annandale and A. Powell)

25. Nigel M. Kennell `Spartan Cultural Memory in the Roman Period’

Part 4: Reception of Sparta in Recent Centuries

26. Haydn Mason `The Literary Reception of Sparta in France’

27. Stefan Rebenich `Reception of Sparta in Germany and German-Speaking Europe'

28. Sean R. Jensen `Reception of Sparta in North America, 18th-21st Centuries’

29. Anton Powell `Sparta and the Imperial Schools of Britain: Comparisons'


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