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A Companion to Sparta

ISBN: 978-1-4051-8869-2
840 pages
December 2017, Wiley-Blackwell
A Companion to Sparta (1405188693) cover image


The two-volume A Companion to Sparta presents the first comprehensive, multi-authored series of essays to address all aspects of Spartan history and society from its origins in the Greek Dark Ages to the late Roman Empire.
  • Offers a lucid, comprehensive introduction to all aspects of Sparta, a community recognised by contemporary cities as the greatest power in classical Greece
  • Features in-depth coverage of Sparta history and culture contributed by an international cast including almost every noted specialist and scholar in the field
  • Provides over a dozen images of Spartan art that reveal the evolution of everyday life in Sparta
  • Sheds new light on a modern controversy relating to changes in Spartan society from the Archaic to Classical periods
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Table of Contents

Notes on Contributors

Foreword by Paul Cartledge


Part 1: Reconstructing Sparta: general

1. Anton Powell `Sparta: Reconstructing History from Secrecy, Lies and Myth'

2. Stephen Hodkinson `An Exceptional Domination of State over Society?’

Part 2: Origins: From Pre-Classical to Classical Culture

3. William Cavanagh `An Archaeology of Ancient Sparta with reference to Laconia and Messenia

4. Massimo Nafissi `Lykourgos the Spartan “Lawgiver”: Ancient Beliefs and Modern Scholarship'

5. Maria Pipili `Laconian Pottery'

6. Francis Prost `Laconian Art' (translated by James Roy)

7. Claude Calame `Pre-Classical Sparta as Song Culture’(trans. James Roy)

8. Hans van Wees `Luxury, Austerity and Equality in Sparta’

9. Hans van Wees `The Common Messes’

Part 3: Political and Military History: The Classical Period and Beyond

10. Marcello Lupi `Sparta and the Persian Wars, 499-478’

11. Anton Powell `Sparta's Foreign – and Internal – History, 478-403'

12. Françoise Ruzé 'The Empire of the Spartans, 403-371' (trans. A. Powell)

13. James Roy `Sparta and the Peloponnese from the Archaic Period to 363'

14. Daniel Stewart `From Leuktra to Nabis, 371-192'

15. Yves Lafond `Sparta in the Roman Period’ (trans. A. Powell)



Table of Contents

Notes on Contributors


Foreword by Paul Cartledge

Part 3:  Culture, Society and Economy: The Classical Period and Beyond

16. Michael A. Flower `Spartan Religion’

17. Ellen Millender `Kingship: The History, Power and Prerogatives of  the Spartans' “Divine” Dyarchy’

18. Philip Davies `Equality and Distinction within the Spartiate Community’

19. Ellen Millender `Spartan Women’

20. Nicolas Richer `Spartan Education in the Classical Period' (trans. A. Powell)

21. Paul Christesen `Sparta and Athletics’

22. Thomas Figueira `Helotage and the Spartan Economy’

23. Jean Ducat `The Perioikoi’ (trans. A. Powell)

24. Jacqueline Christien `Roads and Quarries in Laconia' (trans. Christopher Annandale and A. Powell)

25. Nigel M. Kennell `Spartan Cultural Memory in the Roman Period’

Part 4: Reception of Sparta in Recent Centuries

26. Haydn Mason `The Literary Reception of Sparta in France’

27. Stefan Rebenich `Reception of Sparta in Germany and German-Speaking Europe'

28. Sean R. Jensen `Reception of Sparta in North America, 18th-21st Centuries’

29. Anton Powell `Sparta and the Imperial Schools of Britain: Comparisons'


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Author Information

Anton Powell is Director of the Classical Press of Wales, and an internationally recognized authority on Sparta, Athens, and the Roman Revolution. He founded the International Sparta Seminar, and co-edited a succession of collective volumes which have contributed to the revival and reshaping of Spartan studies. Powell is the author of Athens and Sparta, Third Edition, and editor of Classical Sparta, Sparta at War, and Sparta: The Body Politic, among others.

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