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Ethics for Psychologists, 2nd Edition

ISBN: 978-1-4051-8877-7
326 pages
August 2009, Wiley-Blackwell
Ethics for Psychologists, 2nd Edition (1405188774) cover image


Ethics for Psychologists, 2nd Edition is a comprehensive handbook covering the full range of ethical challenges that confront psychologists in practice and research
  • Written for all psychology practitioners and researchers
  • Addresses new concerns such as 'whistleblowing', quantifying ethics, and Internet-related issues
  • Features greatly expanded section of case studies, resolutions, and work exercises
  • Suitable for all English-speaking countries beyond just North America
  • Includes guidance on a variety of national ethics codes, including the European Meta-Code of Ethics and the UN Declaration of Human Rights 
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Table of Contents



Part I: Conceptual Issues in Ethics.

1. Background to Ethics.

2. Theories and Explanations.

3. Ethical Gradualism.

Part II: Principles and Codes.

4. Key Principles.

5. Codes and Covenants.

6. Legal Issues.

Part III: Practical Issues in Ethics.

7. Ethical Infrastructures.

8. Identifying the Client.

9. Research Ethics.

Part IV: Decision-Making Issues.

10. Broad Issues of Practice.

11. The Quantification of Ethics.

12. Decision Making.

13. Case Prescriptions.

14. Worked Cases.

15. Further Cases for Consideration .

Appendix I: The European Federation of Psychologists' Associations Meta-Code.

Appendix II: The United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights.



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Author Information

Ronald D. Francis is Honorary Senior Research Fellow in Psychology at Monash University, Australia, and Professorial Fellow in Ethics and Governance at Victoria University. His experiences in ethics extends over decades, and includes a period as Chairman of a national ethics committee, and as a member of a psychologists registration board, as well as ten years on a research ethics committee.He has authored many articles on ethics, and over a dozen psychology books, as well as being a mentor to those with real-life ethical dilemmas. He has post-graduate qualifications from three different countries, as well as having worked in several of them. He is a frequent visitor to Europe and the UK.
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"At the same time, we conclude that a walk through this particular forest will provide readers with some interesting new knowledge, skill, and perspective . . . the breadth in the book is intriguing. For example, Francis takes an international perspective that encourages readers to broaden their cultural horizons. He also cites literature from other fields, such as business ethics, which provides additional context for psychologists." (The American Journal of Psychology, 1 March 2011)

From review of 1st edition:

"This book will prove an invaluable resource to those seeking a broad, cross-national ethical perspective that applies to psychologists across specialities." (Roz Shafran, Behaviour Research and Therapy, vol. 40, 2002)

"This book is a wide-ranging and erudite examination of ethical principles that affect psychological practice and research. Francis reviews many of the philosophical, legal, and political systems related to psychological ethics, as well as the ethical codes produced by various professional associations, and offers practical advice on how ethical dilemmas might be dealt with. Unlike some prescriptive treatments of ethics for psychologists, Francis's analysis recognizes situations in which the ethically commendable resolution is not at all obvious, or where it could conflict with the psychologist's obligations as an employee or as a member of society, or even with the law. The step-by-step consideration of how to think one's way through such challenges is one of the best parts of the book."
Professor Peter Suedfeld, Department of Psychology, University of British Columbia, Canada

"Practitioners, academics and students alike will welcome this updated version of a ground-breaking book on a subject that continues to challenge them all. Practitioners at the coal-face will welcome the steady guidance it gives on contentious issues with which they have to contend on a daily basis. Academics will appreciate the confidence with which it takes them into the world of applied philosophy without genuflection to logical positivism that eschews values. Students will warm to the rare presentation of wisdom, wit, and clarity of expression in a textbook on a subject dear to their hearts. The author, the British Psychological Society, and the publisher are to be congratulated on its publication."
Professor Tony Taylor PhD, Emeritus Professor of Psychology, Victoria University of Wellington, NZ

"Ronald Francis inspires with a wonderfully humane and practical guide to ethical decision making for psychologist. His principles are grounded within the context of cases and issues that all psychologists meet sometime during their career. His principles and discussion on ethical decision making are not only useful but also stimulating and thought-provoking."
Professor Paul Wilson OAM, Chair of Criminology and Forensic Psychology, Bond University, Australia

"Ronald Francis brings both a scholarly and practitioner’s perspective to this useful work on professional ethics for psychologists. Codes of conduct have evolved as the varied professional roles of psychologists have become better defined. This volume takes us into the issues that all psychologists need to deal with as they relate these codes to their daily activities. Francis engages us with a valuable overview of theory as well as clear case examples. A wise, easy read and a most valuable adjunct to the formal codes of practice, it is an excellent text for courses in professional ethics and a ‘must-have’ for the psychologist’s reference shelf."
Gordon Stanley, PhD, FAPS., Pearson Professor of Educational Assessment, The University of Oxford, and Emeritus Professor of Psychology, The University of Melbourne

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