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IAAP Handbook of Applied Psychology

Paul R. Martin (Editor), Fanny M. Cheung (Editor), Michael C. Knowles (Editor), Michael Kyrios (Editor), Lyn Littlefield (Editor), J. Bruce Overmier (Editor), Josť M. Prieto (Editor)
ISBN: 978-1-4051-9331-3
832 pages
May 2011, Wiley-Blackwell
IAAP Handbook of Applied Psychology (140519331X) cover image


The IAAP Handbook of Applied Psychology, an up-to-date and authoritative reference, provides a critical overview of applied psychology from an international perspective.
  •  Brings together articles by leading authorities from around the world
  •  Provides the reader with a complete overview of the field and highlights key research findings
  •  Divided into three parts: professional psychology, substantive areas of applied psychology, and special topics in applied psychology
  •  Explores the challenges, opportunities, and potential future developments in applied psychology
  •  Features comprehensive coverage of the field, including topics as diverse as clinical health psychology, environmental psychology, and consumer psychology
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Table of Contents

About the Editors.

About the Contributors.


Part I: Professional Psychology.

1. Clinical Child Psychology: Research and Practice Applications (Michael C. Roberts, Bridget K. Biggs, Yo Jackson and Ric G. Steele).

2. Clinical Psychology: Adult (Terry Wilson).

3. Clinical Health Psychology (John Weinman, Ronan O’Carroll and Keith J. Petrie).

4. Health Promotion (Charles Abraham, Gerjo Kok, Herman Schaalma and Aleksandra Luszczynska).

5. Clinical Neuropsychology (Ronald Ruff and Christina Weyer Jamora).

6. Counselling Psychology (Fred Leong, Mark Savickas and Mark Leach).

7. Autonomy in Learning and Instruction (Roots, Frames and Concepts of a Basic Issue (Peter Nenniger).

8. Vocational Psychology (David Blustein, Kerri Murphy, Maria Coutinho, Christine Catraio and Faedra Backus).

9. Work Psychology (Robert Roe).

10. Organisational Psychology (Robert Wood, Victoria Roberts and Jennifer Whelan).

11. Personnel/Human Resource Psychology (Cynthia Fisher).

12. Occupational Health Psychology (Jose Maria Peiro and Lois Tetrick).

13. Human Factors and Ergonomics (Jose J. Canas, Boris B. Velichkovsky and Boris M. Velichkovsky).

14. Technical Advances and Guidelines for Improving Testing Practices (Ronald Hambleton, David Bartram and Tom Oakland).

15. A Century of Psychology and Law: Successes, Challenges and Future Opportunities - James Ogloff).

16. Applied Sport Psychology: Beware the Sun, Icarus (Peter C. Terry).

Part II: Substantive Areas of Applied Psychology.

17. Applied Geropsychology (Rocio Fernandez-Ballesteros and Martin Pinquart).

18. Environmental Psychology (includes climate change) (Robert Gifford, Linda Steg and Joseph Reser).

19. Community Psychology (Carolyn Kagan, Karen Duggan, Michael Richards and Asiya Siddiquee).

20. Behavioural Economics Applied: Suggestions for Policy Making (Gerrit Antonides).

21. Cross-cultural Psychology in Applied Settings: Passages to Differences (Kaiping Peng and Susannah Paletz).

Part III: Special Topics in Applied Psychology.

22. Traffic Psychology: A State-Of-The-Art Review (Ian Glendon).

23. Applied Cognitive Psychology (Alice Healy and L. Bourne Jr).

24. Rehabilitation Psychology (William Stiers, Kathryn Nicholson Perry Paul Kennedy and Marcia J. Scherer).

25. Psychology and Societal Development (Girishwar Misra and Janak Pandey).

26. The Psychology of Religion and Religious Experience (David Fontana).

27. Media and Consumer Psychology (Frank Kardes, Perilou Goddard, Xiaoqi Han and Bruce Pfeiffer).

28. Psychology Applied to Poverty (Stuart C. Carr and Chiwoza Bandawe).

29. Psychology Applied to Terrorism: Psychological Treatment for Victims of Terrorist Attacks (Maria Paz Garcia-Vera and Jesus Sanz).

30. Psychology and Forced Migrants (Zachary Steel and Catherine Robina Bateman Steel).

31. The Evolution of Ethics in Psychology: Going International and Global (Janel Gauthier and Jean Pettifor).

Part IV: Conclusions.

32. Applied Psychology in the International Context: What More Needs to be Done? (Paul R. Martin).

33. Applied Psychology: Epilogue (Michael C. Knowles).

Name Index.

Subject Index.

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Author Information

Paul R. Martin is Professor and Head of the School of Psychology at Griffith University, Australia.

Fanny M. Cheung is Chair Professor of Psychology and Director of the Hong Kong Institute of Asia Pacific Studies at the Chinese University of Hong Kong.

Michael C. Knowles is past President of the International Association of Applied Psychology.

Michael Kyrios Professor of Psychology and Director of the Brain and Psychological Sciences Research Centre (BPsyC) at Swinburne University of Technology, Australia.
Lyn Littlefield is Executive Director of the Australian Psychological Society.
J. Bruce Overmier is Professor of Psychology, Neuroscience, and Cognitive Science at the University of Minnesota, USA.

José M. Prieto is Professor of Psychology at Universidad Complutense de Madrid, Spain.

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 “The fourth audience that may find this volume very helpful is composed of those psychologists who are steeped in the literature and practices of their field in their own countries but have limited international experience. Most practicing psychologists who read this book are likely to learn something new about another field. Finally, researchers who are distanced from their practitioner colleagues may find the research agendas enlightening.”  (PsycCRITIQUES, 11 April 2012)

The IAAP Handbook of Applied Psychology is a reference book that no applied psychologist can do without.  It covers all the areas of applied and professional psychology, with leading scholars throughout the world.  It is a masterpiece of outstanding quality by a team of distinguished international psychologists.  A must buy for all applied psychologists.
—Professor Cary L. Cooper, Lancaster University

This up-to-date reference compendium on professional psychology, in all its specializations and on applied psychological research, is a landmark resource for every behavioral scientist-practitioner.
—Dr. Kurt Pawlik, University of Hamburg

Seldom do we see a handbook covering the entire field of applied psychology from an international perspective, and never before have I seen such a comprehensive volume with as many distinguished editors and contributors.  With coverage of not only clinical and counseling, but also such emerging fields as traffic psychology, psychology applied to poverty, psychology applied to terrorism, and psychology applied to forced migrants, this book will be an invaluable resource for psychologists working in any area of applied psychology.
—David H. Barlow,Boston University

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