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Intragroup Conflict and Cooperation

Alexander W. Chizhik (Editor), Robert K. Shelly (Editor), Lisa Troyer (Editor), Rick H. Hoyle (Editor)
ISBN: 978-1-4051-9997-1
200 pages
May 2009, Wiley-Blackwell
Intragroup Conflict and Cooperation (1405199970) cover image


While the goal of problem-solving in groups may be to solve socially constructed problems, intersubjectivity regarding goals and methods as well as the relative status of group members contribute to the emergence of both conflict and cooperation.  Conventionally, cooperation has been seen as adaptive in group problem-solving, while conflict has been seen as maladaptive.   The articles in this volume, however, represent the interrelated processes of conflict and cooperation among group members as complex and nuanced that (independently and jointly) affect group outcomes.
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Table of Contents


Tribute to Michele Alexander (Ouellette, J).

Intragroup conflict and cooperation: An introduction (Chizhik, A. W., Shelly, R. K., & Troyer, L).

PART I: Conflict and Cooperation in Diverse Groups.

Conflict and cooperation in diverse workgroups (King, E., Hebl, M., & Beal, D).

Conflict and cooperation on the college campus: A common ingroup identity perspective (Levin, S., Sinclair, S., Sidanius, J., & Van Laar, C).

Speech content and the emergence of inequality in task groups (Shelly, R. K., & Shelly, A. C).

PART II: Influence and Conflict of Factions within Group Decision Making.

How minorities prevail: The context/comparison – leniency contract model (Crano, W. D., & Seyranian, V).

Lower-status participation and influence: Task structure matters (Alexander, M. G., Chizhik, A. W., Chizhik, E. W., & Goodman, J).

Of practicalities and perspective: What is fair in group decision-making (Jacobs, E., Christensen, P. N., & Prislin, R)?

Conflict and creativity in groups, (Troyer, L., & Youngreen, R).


Cooperation and conflict within groups: Bridging intragroup and intergroup processes (Dovidio, J. F., Saguy, T., & Shnabel, N).

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