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British Political Theory in the Twentieth Century

Paul Kelly (Editor)
ISBN: 978-1-4051-9999-5
300 pages
March 2010, Wiley-Blackwell
British Political Theory in the Twentieth Century  (1405199997) cover image


This volume contains a selection of writings from the seminal figures in British political theory from Bernard Bosanquet to Anne Phillips and Bhikhu Parekh, which trace the transformation of political theory and its relation to trends in British politics and the state.
  • Includes essays and selections from the seminal figures in British political theory and political science
  • Illustrates the variety and development of British Political Theory from British Idealism to contemporary multiculturalism and pluralism
  • Helps explain the nature and role of political theory and how it relates to the wider study of politics
  • Introductory essays locate the work of each great thinker in the unfolding of the practice of political theory in British universities in the twentieth century
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Table of Contents


1. British Political Theory in the Twentieth Century (Paul Kelly, LSE).

2. The End and Limits of State Action (Bernard Bosanquet, Deceased).

3. The State and the Individual (L.T. Hobhouse, Deceased).

4. The Great Leviathan (J.N. Figgis, Deceased).

5. Nationality (Ernest Barker, Deceased).

6. The Pluralistic State (Harold Laski, Deceased).

7. A Guild in Being (G.D.H. Cole, Deceased).

8. Liberty and Equality (R.H. Tawney, Deceased).

9. The Political Economy of Freedom (Michael Oakeshott, Deceased).

10. Are There Any Natural Rights? (H.L.A Hart, Deceased).

11. The Public Interest (Brian Barry, Deceased).

12. What’s Wrong with Prostitution? (Carole Pateman, UCLA).

13. Dealing with Difference (Anne Phillips, LSE).

14. In Defence of Nationality (David Miller, Oxford University).

15. From Statism to Pluralism (Paul Hirst, Deceased).

16. The Logic of Intercultural Evaluation (Bhikhu Parekh, University of Westminster).


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Author Information

Paul Kelly is Professor of Political Theory at the London School of Economics where he has taught since 1995. He is author editor and co-editor of ten books including Utilitarianism and Distributive Justice (1990), The Social Contract from Hobbes to Rawls (1994), Impartiality, Neutrality and Justice (1998), British Political Science (2000), Multiculturalism Reconsidered (2002), Political Thinkers (2002), Liberalism (2004), and Locke’s Second Treatise (2007). He was joint editor of Political Studies and is currently the editor of Utilitas.
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