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CDM Regulations 2007 Procedures Manual, 3rd Edition

ISBN: 978-1-4443-0256-1
208 pages
January 2009, Wiley-Blackwell
CDM Regulations 2007 Procedures Manual, 3rd Edition (1444302566) cover image


This Procedures Manual provides a documentation system which has been developed by a practising CDM co-ordinator for use with the Construction (Design and Management) Regulations 2007.

It addresses the full range of obligations on all parties for compliance with the statutory requirements and features:

  • flow charts
  • checklists
  • model forms

The revised Third Edition of the Manual reflects the extensive changes to the CDM Regulations 2007, including:

  • the new role of CDM co-ordinator
  • wider and more onerous duties on clients
  • changes to the design process
  • wider requirements for competence
  • integration of duty holder roles

The Manual also takes account of the 2007 Approved Code of Practice. It will function as a control document for quality assurance purposes.

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Table of Contents

Section 1.


Section 2 Application and interpretation.

2.1 Application; Table 2.1 The main responsibilities of duty holders; 2.2 Interpretation; 2.3 Additional exclusion.

Section 3 All duty holders.

3.1 Introduction; Table 3.1 Project management descriptors found in the regulations; Figure 3.1 Holistic diagram.

Section 4 The client .

4.1 Client fl owchart: all projects; 4.2 Client flowchart: notifi able projects, additional duties; 4.3 Client checklist; 4.4 Client checklist: notifi able projects.

Section 5 The designer.

5.1 Introduction; Figure 5.1 Regulations to be discharged by designers; 5.2 All projects; 5.3 Identifi cation; 5.4 Evaluation; 5.5 Contribution; 5.6 Design change; Figure 5.2 Systems approach for the designer; 5.1 Designer flowchart: all projects; 5.2 Designer flowchart: notifiable projects, additional duties; 5.3 Designer checklist: all projects; 5.4 Designer checklist: additional duties for notifi able projects.

Section 6 The contractor.

Figure 6.1 Contractor duties: all projects; 6.1 Contractor flowchart: all projects; Figure 6.2 Contractor: additional duties on notifi able projects; 6.2 Contractor fl owchart: notifi able projects, additional duties; 6.3 Contractor checklist: all projects; 6.4 Contractor checklist: notifi able projects, additional duties.

Section 7 The CDM co-ordinator.

7.1 Introduction; 7.2 Appointment; Figure 7.1 CDM co-ordination duties; 7.1 CDM co-ordinator flowchart; 7.2 CDM co-ordinator checklist.

Section 8 The principal contractor.

Figure 8.1 Regulations to be discharged by principal contractor; 8.1 principal contractor flowchart; 8.2 principal contractor checklist.

Section 9 Documentation .

9.1 Introduction; 9.2 Pre-construction information; Figure 9.1 Flow of pre-construction information and Pre-construction information: tender stage; 9.3 Construction phase plan; 9.4 Health and safety file; 9.5 Project risk register; 9.1 Project risk register (health and safety).

Section 10 Checklists and agendas.

10.1 Checklist for non-notifi able projects;10.2 Checklist of additional duties for notifi able projects; 10.3 Initial design/client meeting: prompt list; 10.4 Pre-start meeting: prompt list (non-notifiable projects); 10.5 Pre-start meetings: prompt list (notifiable projects); 10.6 Progress meeting: prompt list.

Section 11 Competence.

Web page directory.



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Author Information

Stuart Summerhayes is a chartered civil engineer and a fellow of the Association for Project Safety. After an early period in heavy civil engineering contracting he spent an extensive period in university education delivering construction related undergraduate and postgraduate courses.
For the past decade he has been delivering a portfolio of CDM related courses and project management training to industry as well as managing planning supervision/CDM co-ordination teams across numerous sectors of construction.
He is the managing director of Synergy Construction Management Consultancy Ltd, which was the first accredited and validated training provider for the Association for Project Safety in the delivery of 'The Management of CDM Co-ordination' courses, which are offered as open and in-house courses throughout the UK. He is also the president of APS.
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The Wiley Advantage

● Provides a ready made health and safety system for quality assurance purposes
● Features a large number of flowcharts, checklists, model forms and standard letters
● Major update to take account of the 2007 revisions to the Regulations and new Code of Practice
● “Well conceived and presented.” Occupational Health & Safety
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"Well conceived and presented." Occupational Health & Safety<!--end-->"This important procedures manual has been carefully compiled by a chartered civil engineer who is a fellow of the Association for project safety." RoSPA Occupational Safety & Health Journal
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