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A Companion to Health and Medical Geography

ISBN: 978-1-4443-1477-9
640 pages
November 2009, Wiley-Blackwell
A Companion to Health and Medical Geography (1444314777) cover image
This Companion provides a comprehensive account of health and medical geography and approaches the major themes and key topics from a variety of angles.
  • Offers a unique breadth of topics relating to both health and medical geography
  • Includes contributions from a range of scholars from rising stars to established, internationally renowned authors
  • Provides an up-to-date review of the state of the sub-discipline
  • Thematically organized sections offer detailed accounts of specific issues and combine general overviews of the current literature with case study material
  • Chapters cover topics at the cutting edge of the sub-discipline, including emerging and re-emerging diseases, the politics of disease, mental and emotional health, landscapes of despair, and the geography of care
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1. Introduction to Health and Medical Geography (Tim Brown, Queen Mary University, Sara McLafferty, University of Illinois, and Graham Moon University of Southampton).

Part I: Debates in Health and Medical Geography:

2. Health Geography (Robin Kearns, University of Auckland and Damian Collins, University of Alberta).

3. Medical Geography (Jonathan D. Mayer, University of Washington).

4. Doubting Dualisms (Michael L. Dorn, Temple University College of Education, Carla C. Keirns, University of Michigan, and Vincent J. Del Casino Jr, California State University).

Part II: Disease:

5. Disease, Ecology, and Environment (Joseph R. Oppong, University of North Texas and Adam Harold, University of North Texas).

6. Mapping Diseases (Stéphane Rican, University of Paris Quest and Gérard Salem, University of Paris Quest).

7. Infectious Disease Diffusion (Clive E. Sabel, University of Exeter, Dennis Pringle, National University of Ireland, and Anders Schærström, Independent Scholar).

8. Modeling Chronic Disease (Myles Gould, University of Leeds).

9. Emerging and Re-emerging Diseases (Michael Emch, University of North Carolina and Elisabeth D. Root, University of North Carolina).

10. Situating Politics in Health and Medical Geography (Courtney J. Donovan, San Francisco State University and R. Ian Duncan, University of Washington).

11. Living With and Experiencing Disease (Vincent J. Del Casino Jr, Calfornia State University).

Part III: Health and Wellbeing:

12. Therapeutic Landscapes as Health Promoting Places (Allison M. Williams, McMaster University).

13. “… a Penis Is Not Needed in Order to Pee”: Sex and Gender in Health Geography (Matt Sothern, University of St Andrews and Isabel Dyck, Queen Mary University).

14. Impairment and Disability (Vera Chouinard, McMaster University).

15. Mental and Emotional Health (Hester Parr, University of Glasgow and Joyce Davidson, Queen’s University).

16. Landscapes of Despair (Geoffrey DeVerteuil, University of Southampton and Josh Evans, McMaster University).

17. Representing the Un/healthy Body Susan Craddock, Institute for Global Studies and Tim Brown, Queen Mary University).

Part IV: Public Health and Health Inequalities:

18. Health Geography and Public Health (Sarah Curtis, Durham University, Mylène Riva, Durham University, and Mark Rosenberg, Queen’s University).

19. Migration and Health (Paul Boyle, University of St Andrews and Paul Norman, University of Leeds).

20. Social Perspectives on Health Inequalities (Vani S. Kulkarni, Harvard Unversity and S. V. Subramanian, Harvard School of Public Health).

21. Neighborhoods and Health (Anne Ellaway, University of Glasgow and Sally Macintyre, University of Glasgow).
22. An Environmental Health Geography of Risk (Michael Jerrett, University of California with Sara Gale, University of California and Caitlin Kontgis,  University of California).

23. Environment, Perception, and Resistance ( Susan J. Elliott (McMaster University)
24. Healthy Behavior: Liz Twigg (University of Portsmouth) and Lynda Cooper (Office for National Statistics)

25. Governing Un/healthy Populations: Tim Brown (Queen Mary University) and Duika L. Burges Watson (Durham University)

Part V: Health Care and Caring:

26. Providing Health Care (Ross Barnett, University of Canterbury and Alison Copeland, Queen Mary College).

27. Accessing Health Care (Thomas C. Ricketts, University of North Carolina).

28. Location-allocation Planning (Frank Tanser, University of KwaZulu-Natal, Peter Gething, University of Oxford, and Peter Atkinson, University of Southampton).

29. The Changing Geography of Care (Christine Milligan, Lancaster University and Andrew Power, National University of Ireland).

30. Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM): Production, Consumption, Research (Gavin J. Andrews, McMaster University, Jon Adams, University of Queensland, and Jeremy Segrott, Cardiff University).


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Tim Brown is a Lecturer in Human Geography in the Department of Geography, Queen Mary University of London. He is Secretary/Treasurer of the RGS-IBG Geography of Health Research Group and has published numerous authored and co-authored book chapters and papers.

Sara McLafferty is Professor of Geography at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. Her books include GIS and Public Health (with Ellen Cromley) (2002) and Geographies of Women’s Health (with Isabel Dyck and Nancy Lewis) (2001).

Graham Moon is Professor of Spatial Analysis in Human Geography at the University of Southampton. He has published extensively in medical and health geography and is the editor-in-chief of the journal Health and Place.

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"This companion is an excellent resource. The linkages between chapters and between thematic sections are excellent, providing a comprehensive account of the current state of the subdiscipline." (Environment and Planning B, January 2011)

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