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ABC of Practical Procedures

ISBN: 978-1-4443-1696-4
144 pages
September 2009, BMJ Books
ABC of Practical Procedures (1444316966) cover image


The ABC of Practical Procedures is a fully illustrated guide to the core skills and procedures all those at the frontline of care need to know.

With over 280 full colour illustrations, every stage of each procedure is illustrated with colour step-by-step photographs as it is being performed. Covering key competencies such local anaesthesia, blood taking, and thoracic drain and central venous catheter insertions, each practical procedure is accompanied with useful hints and tips for key learning.

This new ABC provides a guide to performing the most common practical procedures undertaken by healthcare professionals including junior doctors, nurses and paramedics. It is also ideal for the needs of the Foundation Programme, for all trainee doctors and medical students.

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Table of Contents



1) Introduction.

2) Consent and Documentation.

3) Universal Precautions and Infection Control.

4) Use of Local Anaesthetics and Safe Sedation.

5) Sampling: Blood Taking and Cultures.

6) Sampling: Arterial Blood Gases.

7) Sampling: Lumber Puncture.

8) Sampling: Ascitic Tap.

9) Sampling: Pleural Aspiration.

10) Access: Intravenous Cannulation.

11) Access: Central Venous.

12) Access: Emergency – Intraosseous Access and Venous Cutdown.

13) Therapeutic: Airway – Basic Airway Manoeuvres and Adjuncts.

14) Therapeutic: Airway – Insertion of Laryngeal Mask Airway.

15) Therapeutic: Endotracheal Intubation.

16) Therapeutic: Ascitic Drain.

17) Therapeutic: Chest Drain.

18) Monitoring: Urinary Catheterisation.

19) Monitoring: Central Line.

20) Monitoring: Arterial line.

21) Specials: Suturing and Joint Aspiration.

22) Specials: Paediatric Procedures.

23) Specials: Obstetrics and Gynaecology.


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Author Information

Tim Nutbeam MB ChB - Department of Emergency Medicine, Good Hope Hospital, Sutton Coldfied, UK

Ron Daniels - Critical Care and Anaesthetic Consultant, Good Hope Hospital, Heart of England Foundation Trust, Birmingham, UK 

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The Wiley Advantage

  • This unique guide teaches the core skills required of all doctors in training
  • Tailored to the needs of the Foundation Programme, but relevant for all medical students
  • Each stage of each procedure is illustrated with between 2 and 8 pages of colour step-by-step photographs as it is being performed
  • Also includes a “useful tips/handy hints” box for key learning
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"This is a very simple, highly practical book that is worthy of a place in every clinician's library." (Doody's, 12 August 2011)

"Each chapter provides a clear introduction to the clinical procedure, contraindications and usefully, additional information relevant to the particular procedure, such as the Allen's test for arterial line insertion or CVP waveform recognition for the Insertion of a central venous line. These additions add to the overall feeling of thoroughness that this book provides and goes to making It more than simply a reference manual." (AfPP, June 2010)

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