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Urban Biodiversity and Design

Norbert Muller (Editor), P. Werner (Editor), J. G. Kelcey (Editor)
ISBN: 978-1-4443-3267-4
648 pages
May 2010, Wiley-Blackwell
Urban Biodiversity and Design (1444332678) cover image
With the continual growth of the world's urban population, biodiversity in towns and cities will play a critical role in global biodiversity. This is the first book to provide an overview of international developments in urban biodiversity and sustainable design. It brings together the views, experiences and expertise of leading scientists and designers from the industrialised and pre-industrialised countries from around the world. The contributors explore the biological, cultural and social values of urban biodiversity, including methods for assessing and evaluating urban biodiversity, social and educational issues, and practical measures for restoring and maintaining biodiversity in urban areas. Contributions come from presenters at an international scientific conference held in Erfurt, Germany 2008 during the 9th Conference of the Parties of the Convention on Biodiversity. This is also Part of our Conservation Science and Practice book series (with Zoological Society of London).
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1 Urban Biodiversity and the Case for Implementing the Convention on Biological Diversity in Towns and Cities (NorbertMüller and Peter Werner).

Fundamentals of Urban Biodiversity

2 Biodiversity ofUrban-IndustrialAreas and its Evaluation – a Critical Review (Rüdiger Wittig).

3 Cultural Aspects of Urban Biodiversity (Andy Millard).

4 Social Aspects of Urban Biodiversity – an Overview (Sarel Cilliers).

5 Urban Biodiversity and Climate Change (David J. Nowak).

6 Design and Future of Urban Biodiversity (Maria Ignatieva).

7 Urban Patterns and Biological Diversity: A Review (PeterWerner and Rudolf Zahner).

History and Development of Urban Biodiversity

8 Urban Flora: Historic, Contemporary and Future Trends (Philip James).

9 Environmental History and Urban Colonizations from an Avian Perspective (Timo Vuorisalo).

10 Constraints of Urbanization on Vegetation Dynamics in a Growing City: A Chronological Framework in Rennes (France) (Vincent Pellissier, Franc¸oise Roze and Phillipe Clergeau).

11 Most Frequently Occurring Vascular Plants and the Role of Non-native Species in Urban Areas – a Comparison of Selected Cities in the Old and the NewWorlds (Norbert Müller).

12 Factors Influencing Non-Native Tree Species Distribution in Urban Landscapes (Wayne C. Zipperer).

Analysis and Evaluation of Biodiversity in Cities

13 Towards an Automated Update of Urban Biotope Maps Using Remote Sensing Data: What is Possible? (Mathias Bochow, Theres Peisker, Sigrid Roessner, Karl Segl and Hermann Kaufmann).

14 Analysis of the Planted and Spontaneous Vegetation at Selected Open Spaces in Apipucos District of Recife, Brazil (Dietmar Sattler, Simone Schmidt and Marccus Vinicius da Silva Alves).

15 Multivariate Approaches to the Study of Urban Biodiversity and Vegetation: An Example from a Southern Temperate Colonial City, Christchurch, New Zealand (Glenn H. Stewart, Maria Ignatieva and Colin D. Meurk).

16 The Biodiversity of Historic Domestic Gardens – A Study in the Wilhelminian Quarter of Erfurt (Germany) (Norbert Müller).

17 Old Masonry Walls as Ruderal Habitats for Biodiversity Conservation and Enhancement in Urban Hong Kong (C.Y. Jim).

18 Green Roofs – Urban Habitats for Ground-Nesting Birds and Plants (Nathalie Baumann and Friederike Kasten).

19 South Atlantic Tourist Resorts: Predictors for Changes Induced by Afforestation (Ana Faggi, Pablo Perepelizin and Jose R. Dadon).

Social Integration and Education for Biodiversity

20 Urban Green Spaces: Natural and Accessible? The Case of Greater Manchester, UK (Aleksandra Ka´zmierczak, Richard Armitage and Philip James).

21 UrbanWastelands –A Chance for Biodiversity in Cities? Ecological Aspects, Social Perceptions and Acceptance of Wilderness by Residents (Juliane Mathey and Dieter Rink).

22 Perception of Biodiversity – The Impact of School Gardening 425 (Dorothee Benkowitz and Karlheinz Köhler).

23 Landscape Design and Children’s Participation in a Japanese Primary School – Planning Process of School Biotope for 5 Years (Keitaro Ito, Ingunn Fjortoft, Tohru Manabe, Kentaro Masuda, Mahito Kamada and Katsunori Fujiwara).

24 Attracting Interest in Urban Biodiversity with Bird Studies in Italy (Marco Dinetti).

25 Allotment Gardens as Part of Urban Green Infrastructure: Actual Trends and Perspectives in Central Europe (Jürgen H. Breuste).

Conservation, Restoration and Design for Biodiversity

26 Integration ofNatural Vegetation in Urban Design – Information, Personal Determination and Commitment (Clas Florgård).

27 Prospects of Biodiversity in the Mega-City of Karachi, Pakistan: Potentials, Constraints and Implications(Salman Qureshi and J¨urgen H. Breuste).

28 Potential of Biodiversity and Recreation in Shrinking Cities: Contextualization and Operationalization (Dagmar Haase and Sophie Schetke).

29 Near-Natural Restoration Strategies in Post-mining Landscapes (Anita Kirmer and Sabine Tischew).

30 Restoration and Design of Calcareous Grasslands in Urban and Suburban Areas: Examples from the Munich Plain (Christine Joas, Johannes Gn¨adinger, KlausWiesinger, Rüdiger Haase and Kathrin Kiehl).

31 Contribution of Landscape Design to Changing Urban Climate Conditions (Katrin Hagen and Richard Stiles).

32 Economics and the Convention on Biodiversity: Financial Incentives for Encouraging Biodiversity in Nagoya (Ryo Kohsaka).

Conclusions (Norbert Müller, Peter Werner and John G. Kelcey).


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"This book is an important contribution towards the aims of the urban sustainability concept and for the various disciplines which should be involved." (Urban Ecology, 2010)

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