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Nature After The Genome

Sarah Parry (Editor), John Dupré (Editor)
ISBN: 978-1-4443-3396-1
240 pages
July 2010, Wiley-Blackwell
Nature After The Genome (1444333968) cover image


Nature After The Genome features a series of case studies that explore the relationship between developments in genomic technologies and our knowledge and understanding of nature.
  • Features the latest research and empirical data on social science relating to genomic technologies
  • Represents a multidisciplinary approach to the topic
  • Addresses controversial questions raised by genome research and our understanding of nature
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Table of Contents


Part One: Introduction.

1. Introducing Nature After the Genome (Sarah Parry and John Dupré).

Part Two: Classifying Biological Entities: Epistemologies of Life.

2. The Polygenomic Organism (John Dupré).

3. Defining Stem Cells? Scientists and Their Classifications of Nature (Nicola J. Marks).

Part Three: (Re)modelling Nature.

4. Captivating Behaviour: Mouse Models, Experimental Genetics and Reductionist Returns in the Neurosciences (Gail Davies).

5. Getting Bigger: Children’s Bodies, Genes and Environments (Karen Throsby and Celia Roberts).

Part Four: Novelty and/in Nature?

6. Synthetic Biology: Constructing Nature? (Jane Calvert).

7. Interspecies Entities and the Politics of Nature (Sarah Parry).

Part Five: Public Natures.

8. Drawing Bright Lines: Food and the Futures of Biopharming (Richard Milne).

9. Barcoding Nature: Strategic Naturalization as Innovatory Practice in the Genomic Ordering of Things (Claire Waterton).

Part Six: Theorizing Nature Through Genomics.

10. Genomic Natures Read Through Posthumanisms (Richard Twine).

11. Life Times (Tim Newton).

12. Afterword (Barry Barnes).

Notes on Contributors.


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Author Information

Sarah Parry is Lecturer in Sociology at the Research Centre for Social Sciences and Associate at the ESRC Innogen Centre, University of Edinburgh. Her work on the social and cultural aspects of stem cell research includes analyses of the meaning of biological material and public participation in policy-making.

John Dupré is the Director of Egenis (ESRC Centre for Genomics in Society) and Professor of Philosophy of Science, University of Exeter. His current research focuses on philosophical issues concerning the interpretation and implications of genetics and genomics.

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