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Language Teaching Research and Language Pedagogy

ISBN: 978-1-4443-3610-8
387 pages
March 2012, Wiley-Blackwell
Language Teaching Research and Language Pedagogy (144433610X) cover image


This book examines current research centered on the second language classroom and the implications of this research for both the teaching and learning of foreign languages. It offers illuminating insights into the important relationship between research and teaching, and the inherent complexities of the teaching and learning of foreign languages in classroom settings.

  • Offers an accessible overview of a range of research on instruction and learning in the L2 classroom
  • Bridges the relationship between research, teachers, and learners
  • Helps evolve the practice of dedicated current language teachers with research findings that suggest best practices for language teaching
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Table of Contents

List of Figures vi

List of Tables vii

Preface ix

Acknowledgements xiii

1 Introduction: Developments in Language Teaching Research 1

2 Methods for Researching the Second Language Classroom 21

3 Comparative Method Studies 51

4 Second Language Classroom Discourse 75

5 Focus on the Teacher 115

6 Focus on the Learner 151

7 Investigating the Performance of Tasks 195

8 Interaction and L2 Learning in the Classroom 237

9 Form-Focused Instruction and Second Language Learning 271

10 Instruction, Individual Differences and L2 Learning 307

11 Conclusion: Research and Language Teaching 337

References 349

Index 385

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Author Information

Rod Ellis is currently Professor in the Department of Applied Language Studies and Linguistics, University of Auckland, where he teaches postgraduate courses on second language acquisition, individual differences in language learning and task-based teaching.  His books include Understanding Second Language Acquisition (winner of the BAAL Prize, 1986), The Study of Second Language Acquisition (winner of the Duke of Edinburgh prize, 1995), Task-Based Learning and Teaching (2003), and Analyzing Learner Language (with Gary Barkhuizen, 2005).
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“Language teaching research and language pedagogy are complex and dynamic topics with a rich research tradition. Ellis succeeds in this volume in synthesizing a wide body of research … providing valuable information about language teaching, learning, and research. Both language teachers and researchers can benefit from this informative volume … The book has several strengths [offering] a holistic updated picture of diverse topics in the field … Insights and suggestions are provided throughout to make research findings into practical technical knowledge for language teachers.” Linguist List (29th October, 2013)

“This book provides a comprehensive, state-of-the-art review of L2 classroom research covering a wide range of issues in SLA and language education. There are a number of useful tables and figures that present concise syntheses of complex issues. Although the volume addresses little about the development of specific language skills, it should be an essential read for teachers and researchers who wish to browse the major findings of empirical studies that inform language classroom practice.”  (Studies in Second Language Acquisition, 1 August 2013)

“The discussion of each study is critical but fair, and in explaining the methodological limitations of each study, Ellis provides readers with numerous ideas for how they could contribute to language teaching research in the future.”  (The Modern Language Journal, 22 August 2013)

"Rod Ellis synthesizes an extensive body of classroom research through cognitive-interactionist and sociocultural perspectives in ways that promise to spark constructive debate about possibilities for both pedagogy and research." – Roy Lyster, McGill University

"This book provides an excellent, state of the art review of all the hot topics in today's second language classroom research – it's well-written, highly accessible and comprehensive." – Alison Mackey, Georgetown University

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