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Homes and Homecomings: Gendered Histories of Domesticity and Return

K. H. Adler (Editor), Carrie Hamilton (Editor)
ISBN: 978-1-4443-3650-4
248 pages
November 2010, Wiley-Blackwell
Homes and Homecomings: Gendered Histories of Domesticity and Return  (1444336509) cover image


In Homes and Homecomings an international group of scholars provide inspiring new historical perspectives on the politics of homes and homecomings. Using innovative methodological and theoretical approaches, the book examines case studies from Africa, Asia, the Americas and Europe.
  • Provides inspiring new historical perspectives on the politics of homes and homecomings
  • Takes an historical approach to a subject area that is surprisingly little historicised
  • Features original research from a group of international scholars
  • The book has an international approach that focuses on Africa, Asia, the Americas and East and West Europe
  • Contains original illustrations of homes in a variety of historical contexts
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Table of Contents

Introduction: Gendering Histories of Homes and Homecomings (K. H. Adler).

1. Communist Comfort: Socialist Modernism and the Making of Cosy Homes in the Khrushchev Era (Susan E. Reid).

2. Corporate Domesticity and Idealised Masculinity: Royal Naval Officers and their Shipboard Homes, 1918–39 (Quintin Colville).

3. Men Making Home: Masculinity and Domesticity in Eighteenth-Century Britain (Karen Harvey).

4. 'Who Should Be the Author of a Dwelling?' Architects versus Housewives in 1950s France (Nicole Rudolph).

5. Ideal Homes and the Gender Politics of Consumerism in Postcolonial Ghana, 1960–70 (Bianca Murillo).

6. 'The Dining Room Should Be the Man's Paradise, as the Drawing Room Is the Woman's': Gender and Middle-Class Domestic Space in England, 1850–1910 (Jane Hamlett).

7. 'There Is Graite Odds between A Mans being At Home And A Broad': Deborah Read Franklin and the Eighteenth-Century Home (Vivian Bruce Conger).

8. Sexual Politics and Socialist Housing: Building Homes in Revolutionary Cuba (Carrie Hamilton).

9. 'The White Wife Problem': Sex, Race and the Contested Politics of Repatriation to Interwar British West Africa (Carina E. Ray).

10. From Husbands and Housewives to Suckers and Whores: Marital-Political Anxieties in the 'House of Egypt', 1919–48 (Lisa Pollard).

11. Double Displacement: Western Women's Return Home from Japanese Internment in the Second World War (Christina Twomey).

Notes on Contributors.


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Author Information

K. H. Adler lectures in history at the University of Nottingham. She is the author of Jews and Gender in Liberation France (2003), and the editor of Gender & History. She is currently working on a book about post-war homecomings in twentieth-century France.

Carrie Hamilton lectures in History at Roehampton University, London, where she is also Director of the Centre for Research in Sex, Gender and Sexuality. She is the author of Women and ETA: The Gender Politics of Radical Basque Nationalism (2007), and is currently writing a book on sexuality and the Cuban Revolution.

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“This book is of value to students and scholars in social sciences and the humanities interested in gendered perspectives on home and domestic life.”  (International Journal of Housing Policy, 21 June 2013)

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