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Roman Letters: An Anthology

ISBN: 978-1-4443-3950-5
224 pages
September 2013, Wiley-Blackwell
Roman Letters: An Anthology (1444339508) cover image


Roman Letters offers a rich selection of original translations of ancient Roman letters spanning from the 1st century BCE to the 2nd century CE. Chronologically arranged and grouped according to author or collection, the letters cover various topics and themes selected from a broad range of authors.

  • A unique single volume text that makes classical letters accessible and readable to undergraduates and the non-specialist reader
  • Presents a wide range of authors and material, with over 200 selected texts
  • Includes selections that illustrate a complete cycle of correspondence, as well as letters written by the same author and covering the same topic/theme but sent to different recipients
  • Letters are arranged chronologically, with letters grouped according to author or collection
  • An accompanying website offers additional, complementary letters
  • Topical index highlights various topics and themes represented by the letters
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Table of Contents

List of Figures ix

Preface x

Acknowledgments xiii

A Note on Translation xv

List of Abbreviations xvii

Maps xix

1 Letters and Letter-Writing in Ancient Rome 1

2 The Roman Republic (70 bce–27 bce) 21

1–49 Cicero 21

50 Catiline 61

51–53 Catullus 62

3 The Augustan Age (27 bce–14 ce) 66

54–58 Augustus 66

59–69 Horace 68

70–71 Propertius 79

72–83 Ovid 81

4 The Roman Empire (14 ce–third century ce) 96

84 Emperor Tiberius (14–37 ce) 96

85 Emperor Claudius (41–54 ce) 97

86–95 Seneca the Younger 99

96 Paul the Apostle 112

97 Jude 114

98–101 Martial 115

102–105 Statius 117

106–164 Pliny the Younger 122

165–166 John the Elder 154

167–194 Fronto 156

195–203 Letters from Vindolanda 169

204–214 Papyri 173

5 Epistolary Theorists 183

215 (Pseudo-)Demetrius 183

216 Pseudo-Libanius 184

General Index 187

Concordance of Texts 193

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Author Information

Noelle K. Zeiner-Carmichael is Associate Professor of Classics at the College of Charleston, where she teaches courses in Latin, Greek, Roman culture, and literature in translation. She is the author of Nothing Ordinary Here: Statius as Creator of Distinction in the Silvae (2005).

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“With translations that are  both true to the intent of the original and entirely accessible to the modern reader, Zeiner-Carmichael has created an engaging survey of Roman epistolography, from the most practical of daily missives to highly refined literature.”
Jacqueline M. Carlon, University of Massachusetts Boston

“Both accessible and scholarly, Zeiner-Carmichael’s new and wide-ranging selection with its lively translations, running bibliographies and perceptive introduction constitutes an essential resource for all teachers and students of Greco-Roman letter-writing.”
Gill Knight, University of Reading

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