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The Handbook of Alzheimer's Disease and Other Dementias

Andrew E. Budson (Editor), Neil W. Kowall (Editor)
ISBN: 978-1-4443-4409-7
504 pages
September 2011, Wiley-Blackwell
The Handbook of Alzheimer


The reference is a broad-ranging review of Alzheimer's disease and other dementias from both basic and clinical neuroscience perspectives; it provides scientists and medical professionals with an extensive introduction and an up-to-date review of cutting-edge scientific advances.
  • Brings the reader up-to-date with cutting-edge developments in this exciting and fast-paced field
  • Summarizes the most recent developments in the fields of Alzheimer's disease and dementia
  • Brings together articles from a prominent and international group of contributors
  • Encompasses a unique range of topics, combining basic molecular perspectives and cognitive neurosciences
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Table of Contents

Contributors ix

Foreword xii

Preface xv

Part I Common Dementias 1

1 Alzheimer’s Disease 3
Alan M. Mandell and Robert C. Green

2 Vascular Dementia 92
Angela L. Jefferson, Amanda M. Gentile, and Ravi Kahlon

3 Dementia with Lewy Bodies 131
Tamara G. Fong and Daniel Z. Press

4 Frontotemporal Dementia 145
Adam L. Boxer

5 Other Dementias 179
Peter Morin

Part II Pathogenesis and Disease Mechanisms 195

6 Genetic Risk Factors for Dementia 197
Paul Hollingworth and Julie Williams

7 The Neuropathology of the Dementing Disorders 235
Ann C. McKee and Brandon E. Gavett

8 Amyloid Beta Peptide and the Amyloid Cascade Hypothesis 262
Carmela R. Abraham

9 Other Mechanisms of Neurodegeneration 277
Marina Boziki, Vassilis Papaliagkas, and Magda Tsolaki

10 Rational Therapeutics for Alzheimer’s Disease and Other Dementias 301
Neil W. Kowall

Part III Cognitive and Behavioral Dysfunction 313

11 Memory Dysfunction in Dementia 315
Andrew E. Budson

12 Language Processing in Dementia 336
Jamie Reilly, Joshua Troche, and Murray Grossman

13 Executive Functioning 369
Robert A. Stern, Stacy L. Andersen, and Brandon E. Gavett

14 Emotion and Behavior in Alzheimer’s Disease and Other Dementias 416
Christopher I. Wright

15 Visuospatial Function in Alzheimer’s Disease and Related Disorders 457
Alice Cronin-Golomb

16 Sleep and Circadian Rhythms in Dementia 483
David G. Harper

Part IV Neuroimaging in Dementia 505

17 Glimpses of the Living Brain with Alzheimer’s Disease 507
Ronald J. Killiany

18 Functional MRI in Alzheimer’s Disease and Other Dementias 535
Maija Pihlajamäki and Reisa A. Sperling

19 Molecular Neuroimaging of the Dementias 557
Bradford C. Dickerson

20 Using EEG and MEG to Understand Brain Physiology in Alzheimer’s Disease and Related Dementias 575
Brandon A. Ally

Index 604

Plate section between pages 304 and 305

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Author Information

Dr. Neil W. Kowall is Chief of Neurology and Director of the New England GRECC at the VA Boston Healthcare System; he is also Director of the NIH-funded Boston University Alzheimer's Disease Center, Professor of Neurology and Pathology at Boston University School of Medicine, and Lecturer in Neurology at Harvard Medical School. He has published over 170 papers in peer-reviewed journals including Science, Nature, the Journal of Neuroscience, and the Annals of Neurology.

Dr. Andrew E. Budson is the Deputy Chief of Staff and a member of the Geriatric Research Education Clinical Center (GRECC) at the VA Boston Healthcare System. He is also Associate Director for Research at the Boston University Alzheimer's Disease Center, Professor of Neurology at Boston University School of Medicine, and Lecturer in Neurology at Harvard Medical School. He was awarded the 2008 Norman Geschwind Prize in Behavioral Neurology and the 2009 Research Award in Geriatric Neurology, both from the American Academy of Neurology, and has published over 75 papers in peer-reviewed journals including the New England Journal of Medicine, Brain, and Cortex.

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“It is a comprehensive volume of work and would be useful for psychologists, medical students, allied health professionals, psychiatrists and clinicians in the field of research and clinical practice.  The handbook is a credit to the author’s work and to all those who work clinically and research with this burgeoning group of individuals.”  (South West Review, 1 June 2014

“I believe this textbook will be useful to a variety of readers from different backgrounds and at different stages of training and experience and I would be very glad to have it in my library.”  (International Psychogeriatrics, 25 July 2013)

The Handbook of Alzheimer's Disease and Other Dementias is an impressively broad and in-depth compendium of the rapidly growing knowledge about the dementing disorders.  A notable feature of this text is the comprehensive treatment of specific cognitive and behavioral domains that characterize dementia.  The Boston University Alzheimer's Disease Center and their many collaborators in this Handbook have contributed a welcome addition to the literature.


-John C. Morris, Washington University School of Medicine

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