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Social, Methods, and Microeconomics: Contributions to Doing Economics Better

Frederic S. Lee (Editor)
ISBN: 978-1-4443-5032-6
274 pages
June 2011, Wiley-Blackwell
Social, Methods, and Microeconomics: Contributions to Doing Economics Better (1444350323) cover image


This book consists of ten essays which speak to doing economics better. 

  • Includes an essay on social ecological economics
  • Features an essay on the creation of money that arises not from markets but from holy debts to deities - a very provocative essay
  • Includes an essay on Emily Balch, the first and only economist to get a Nobel prize
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Table of Contents

Chapter 1. Lineages of Embeddedness: On the Antecedents and Successors of a Polanyian Concept (Gareth Dale).

Chapter 2. Social Ecological Economics: Understanding the Past to See the Future (Clive L. Spash).

Chapter 3. Would You Barter with God? Why Holy Debts and Not Profane Markets Created Money (Alla Semenova).

Chapter 4. Human Capital: Theoretical and Empirical Insights (Germana Bottone and Vania Sena).

Chapter 5. On Norms: A Typology with Discussion (Matthew Interis).

Chapter 6. The Battle of Methods in Economics: The Classical Methodenstreit (Menger vs. Schmoller, Marek Louzek).

Chapter 7. Emily Greene Balch, Political Economist (Robert W. Dimand).

Chapter 8. Who Do Heterodox Economists Think They Are? (Andrew Mearman).

Chapter 9. Microeconomics After Keynes: Post Keynesian Economics and Public Policy (Steven Pressman).

Chapter 10. Morgenstern’s Forgotten Contribution: A Stab to the Heart of Modern Economics (Philipp Bagus).


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Author Information

Frederic S. Lee is a Professor of Economics at the University of Missouri-Kansas City. He has published extensively on heterodox microeconomics, on the history of heterodox economics. He was the editor of the Heterodox Economics Newsletter and the executive director of ICAPE. He is currently the editor of the American Journal of Economics and Sociology. He has published in numerous heterodox journals including the Journal of Post Keynesian Economics, Review of Radical Political Economics, Review of Social Economy, and the Journal of Economic Issues.

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