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Preventing Childhood Obesity: Evidence Policy and Practice

Elizabeth Waters (Editor), Boyd Swinburn (Editor), Jacob Seidell (Editor), Ricardo Uauy (Editor)
ISBN: 978-1-4443-5929-9
320 pages
August 2011, BMJ Books
Preventing Childhood Obesity: Evidence Policy and Practice (1444359290) cover image


Obesity is one of the biggest public health challenges in the 21st century. Devising effective policy and practice to combat childhood obesity is a high priority for many governments and health professionals internationally. This book brings together contributors from around the world and showcases the latest evidence-based research on community and policy interventions to prevent unhealthy weight gain and improve the health and well-being of children. The authors highlight from the evidence available what is and what is not effective and provide recommendations on how to implement and evaluate promising interventions for obesity prevention.

This book is an essential read for all public health practitioners, early childhood professionals, health care providers and clinicians working to reduce the prevalence of childhood obesity in their communities.

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Table of Contents

Section 1: The Context.

Introduction to section.

1 The childhood obesity epidemic (Tim Lobstein, Louise Baur, Rachel Jackson-Leach).

2 Lessons from the control of other epidemics (Mickey Chopra).

3 Childhood obesity prevention overview (Ricardo Uauy, Rishi Caleyachetty, Boyd Swinburn).

4 No Country for Fat Children? Ethical questions concerning community based programs to prevent obesity (Marieke ten Have, Inez de Beaufort, Soren Holm).

5 The human rights approach to childhood obesity prevention (Naomi Priest, Boyd Swinburn, Elizabeth Waters).

Section 2: Evidence synthesis.

Introduction to section.

6 Evidence framework for childhood obesity prevention (Boyd Swinburn).

7 Evidence of multi setting approaches for obesity prevention: translation to best practice (Andrea Sanigorski, Christina Economos).

8 Evidence of the influence of home and family environment (Johannes Brug, Saskia te Velde, Ilse de Bourdeaudhuij, Stef Kremers).

9 Obesity prevention in early childhood (Ladda Mo-suwan, Andrea Sanigorski).

10 Obesity Prevention in primary school settings: evidence from intervention studies (Juliana Kain, Yang Gao, Colleen Doak, Simon Murphy).

11 Obesity prevention in secondary schools (Lauren Prosser, Tommy Visscher, Colleen Doak, Luis A. Moreno).

12 The prevention of childhood obesity in primary care settings: evidence and practice (Karen Lock, Rebecca Hillier).

13 Links between children's independent mobility, active transport, physical activity, and obesity (Carolyn Whitzman, Vivian Romero, Mitch Duncan, Carey Curtis, Paul Tranter, Matthew Burke).

14 Evidence on the food environment and obesity (Deborah Cohen).

15 Food and beverage marketing to children (Gerard Hastings, Georgina Cairns).

16 Poverty, household food insecurity, and obesity in children (Cate Burns, SJ Jones, Edward Frongillo).

17 Socio-cultural issues and body image (Helen Mavoa, Shiriki Kumanyika, Andre Renzaho).

18 Developing countries perspective on interventions to prevent overweight and obesity in children (Laura Irizarry Figueroa, Juan A. Rivera).

Section 3: Evidence generation and utilisation.

Introduction to Section.

19 Evaluation of community based obesity program interventions (Laurence Moore, Lisa Gibbs).

20 Economic evaluation of obesity interventions (Marj Moodie, Rob Carter).

21 Monitoring of childhood obesity (Jaap Seidell).

22 Knowledge translation and exchange for obesity prevention (Rebecca Armstrong, Lauren Prosser, Maureen Dobbins, Elizabeth Waters).

23 The role of advocacy (Jane Martin).

Section 4: Policy and practice.

Introduction to section.

24 The role of policy in preventing childhood obesity (Mark Lawrence, Boyd Swinburn).

25 Developing the political climate for action (Phil James, Neville Rigby).

26 Community interventions: planning for sustainability (Anne Simmons, Jean Michel Borys, Boyd Swinburn).

27 Community capacity building (Colin Bell, Eva Elliott, Anne Simmons).

28 Social marketing to prevent childhood obesity (Nadine Henley, Sandrine Raffin).

29 Obesity in early childhood and working in pre-school settings (Andrea de Silva-Sanigorski, Camila Corvalan, Ricardo Uauy).

30 Working with schools (Goof Buijs, Sue Bowker).

31 Working in primary care (Raina Elley, Karen Hoare).

32 Working with minority groups in developed countries (Lisa Gibbs, Mulugeta Abebe, Elisha Riggs).

33 Developing countries' perspective on policies and practice (Juliana Kain, Camila Corvalan, Ricardo Uauy).

34 Preventing childhood obesity: looking forward (Bill Dietz).

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Author Information

Elizabeth Waters, MPH, DPhil

Jack Brockhoff Chair of Child Public Health, McCaughey Centre, Melbourne School of Population Health, University of Melbourne, Melbourne, Australia

Boyd A. Swinburn MBChB, MD, FRACP

Professor of Population Health, School of Exercise and Nutrition Sciences and Director, WHO Collaborating Centre for Obesity Prevention, Deakin University, Melbourne, Australia

Jacob C. Seidell, PhD

Professor of Nutrition and Health; Director, Institute of Health Sciences, EMGO Institute for Health and Care Research, VU University and VU University Medical Center, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Ricardo Uauy PhD MD

Professor, Nutrition and Public Health Intervention, London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine, London, UK and Institute of Nutrition, INTA - University of Chile, Santiago, Chile

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“Until researchers respond, however, this book confirms that valuable lessons from other sectors can be interpreted, adapted, and applied in childhood obesity prevention and intervention programs.”  (Journal of Youth & Adolescence, 5 November 2012)

"By the end of the book, the reader will understand the real threat facing the world in fighting this disease." (Sultan Qaboos University Medical Journal, December 2010) "Preventing Childhood Obesity will be invaluable in stimulatingpolicy development, as well as thedesign of new experimental strategiesto curb the childhood obesity epidemic." (The Lancet, June 2010)

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