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Philosophical Issues, Volume 21, The Epistemology of Perception

Ernest Sosa (Editor), Enrique Villanueva (Editor)
ISBN: 978-1-4443-6697-6
300 pages
November 2011, Wiley-Blackwell
Philosophical Issues, Volume 21, The Epistemology of Perception (1444366971) cover image
This is a collection of papers on the epistemology of perception, very broadly conceived. It contains cutting-edge work by some of the most important contributors in the field.
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On a Form of Skeptical Argument from Possibility ROGERS ALBRITTON

The Openness of Illusions LOUISE ANTONY

Primitive Knowledge Disjunctivism BERIT BROGAARD

Tracking Representationalism and the Painfulness of Pain ANTHONY BRUECKNER, BRIAN CUTTER AND MICHAEL TYE


On a Neglected Epistemic Virtue MARK JOHNSTON


The Veil of Abstracta URIAH KRIEGEL

The Skeptic and the Naive Realist HEATHER LOGUE

Circularity, Reliability, and the Cognitive Penetrability of Perception JACK LYONS

In Defense of Epistemic Modesty FARID MASROUR

How Visual Perception Yields Reasons for Belief ALAN MILLAR

Phenomenal Presence and Perceptual Awareness MARTINE NIDA-RUMELIN

Can Disjunctivists Explain Our Access to the Sensible World? ADAM PAUTZ

Epistemological Disjunctivism and the Basis Problem DUNCAN PRITCHARD

Two Fields of Vision ROY SORENSEN

Some of the Structure of Experience and Belief DAVID SOSA

Occurrent Perceptual Knowledge MATTHEW SOTERIOU

Desperately Seeking CHARLES TRAVIS

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