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A Grammar of Old English, 2 Volume Set

ISBN: 978-1-4443-9621-8
784 pages
June 2011, Wiley-Blackwell
A Grammar of Old English, 2 Volume Set (1444396218) cover image


The late Richard M. Hogg was Professor of English Language at the University of Manchester. He was the General Editor of the Cambridge History of the English Language and author, with C. B. McCully, of Metrical Phonology: A Coursebook (1987), and editor, with David Denison, of A History of the English Language (2008).

R. D. Fulk is Chancellor's Professor of English at Indiana University. His books include The Origins of Indo-European Quantitative Ablaut (1986), A History of Old English Meter (1992), and as editor, with Robert E. Bjork and John D. Niles, Klaeber's Beowulf and the Fight at Finnsburg, 4th Edition (2008).

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Table of Contents

Volume I.


List of abbreviations.

1. Introduction.

2. Orthography and phonology.

3. The vowels in Germanic.

4. The consonants in Germanic.

5. Old English vowels.

6. Unstressed vowels.

7. Old English consonants.


Word index.

Volume II.


List of Abbreviations.

1. Preliminaries.

2. Nouns: Stem Nouns.

3. Nouns: Declensions.

4. Adjectives, Adverbs and Numerals.

5. Pronouns.

6. Verbs.


Word Index.

Subject index.

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Author Information

First published in 1992, A Grammar of Old English, Volume 1: Phonology was a landmark publication that in the intervening years has not been surpassed in its depth of scholarship and usefulness to the field. It is designed to take account of major developments both in the field of Old English studies and in linguistic theory. Taking full advantage of the Dictionary of Old English project at Toronto, the book includes full cross-references to the DOE data, and items which are not in the Toronto databases are specially indicated. This volume fully utilizes work in phonemic and generative theory and related topics, and it provides material which could be crucial for future research both in diachronic and synchronic phonology and in historical sociolinguistics.

Volume II: Morphology completes the two-volume analysis of the sounds and grammatical forms of the Old English language. Initiated by Richard Hogg, and revised and completed by R.D. Fulk, this volume incorporates insights derived from recent theoretical and technological advances, focusing on the morphological structure of Old English words. Most helpful in this regard is the use of digital resources, foremost of which are databases compiled by the Dictionary of Old English project at the University of Toronto. Hogg and Fulk explore the separation of diachronic and synchronic considerations in the frequently complex analysis of noun morphology. This volume also includes extensive bibliographical coverage of Old English morphology, and consideration of recent controversies in Germanic linguistics, particularly in the treatment of verbs.

Both volumes are included in this set. They offer rich and rewarding insights into an important branch of linguistics relating to the development of an early form of the English language and are essential for scholars in the field.
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