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Workplace Basics: The Essential Skills Employers Want, Training Manual

ISBN: 978-1-55542-204-2
290 pages
May 1990, Pfeiffer
Workplace Basics: The Essential Skills Employers Want, Training Manual (1555422047) cover image


Presents the findings of a three-year ASTD/U.S. Department of Labor nationwide study on how to develop a skilled workforce capable of meeting today's business requirements. Explains how to implement training programs that develop the new basic skills workers will need.
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Table of Contents

PrefaceThe Authors
Workplace Basics Advisory Panel and Skills Network
Part One: Setting Standards for Competency at Work
1. The Economic Impact of Basic Skills
2. The Skills Employers Want
Part Two: The Foundation: Learning How to Learn
3. Learning to Learn: Strategies for Acquiring Skills
Part Three: Basic Competency Skills: Reading, Writing and Computation
4. Reading for the New Workplace
5. Writing with Impact
6. Computation in a Technological Workplace
Part Four: Communication Skills: Speaking and Listening Effectively
7. Oral Communication Skills
8. Principles of Good Listening
Part Five: Adaptability Skills: Solving Problems and Thinking Creatively
9. Resourcefulness
10. Creative Thinking: New Ideas for Old Problems
Part Six: Developmental Skills: Managing Personal and Professional Growth
11. Self-Esteem: Confidence Leads to Competence
12. Motivation and Goal Setting: Developing a Personal Game Plan
13. Career Development: Planning for Today and Tomorrow
Part Seven: Group Effectiveness Skills: Working With Others
14. Interpersonal Skills
15. Teamwork
16. Negotiation
Part Eight: Influencing Skills: Making A Difference
17. Understanding Organizational Culture
18. Sharing Leadership
Part Nine: A Blueprint for Success
19. Guidelines for Establishing an Effective Workplace Basics Program
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"As the first comprehensive analysis of modern job-skill requirements, the volume earns a unique place in the literature." --Choice
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