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How College Affects Students: Findings and Insights from Twenty Years of Research, Volume I

ISBN: 978-1-55542-338-4
920 pages
August 1991, Jossey-Bass
How College Affects Students: Findings and Insights from Twenty Years of Research, Volume I (1555423388) cover image


Foreword by Kenneth A. Feldman

Not since Feldman and Newcomb's 1969 landmark book, The Impact of College on Students has there been such a comprehensive resource available on what is known about the effect of college on students. In this book, Pascarella and Terenzini take up where Feldman and Newcomb left off, synthesizing twenty more years of empirical research and over 2,600 studies, distilling what is known about how students change and benefit as a consequence of attending college.

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Table of Contents

1. Studying College Outcomes: Overview and Organization of the Research
2. Theories and Models of Student Change in College
3. Development of Verbal, Quantitative, and Subject Matter Competence
4. Cognitive Skills and Intellectual Growth
5. Psychosocial Changes: Identity, Selt-Concept, and Self-Esteem
6. Psycholsocial Changes: Relating to Others and the External World
7. Attitudes and Values
8. Moral Development
9. Educational Attainment
10. Career Choice and Development
11. Economic Benefits of College
12. Quality of Life After College
13. How College Makes a Difference: A Summary
14. Implications of the Research for Policy and Practice
AppAndix: Methodological and Analytical Issues in Assessing the Influence of College
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An extraordinarily well documented and comprehensive analysis of how the higher education experience affects students. The authors analyze more than 3,000 separate studies.... This volume is a gold mine of information and analysis.
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