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Women in Culture: A Women's Studies Anthology

ISBN: 978-1-55786-649-3
480 pages
March 1998, ©1998, Wiley-Blackwell
Women in Culture: A Women
This anthology collects key texts on women in culture and offers an ideal introduction, for students in women's studies and feminism, to the cultural dimensions of women's experience today.
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Part I: Cultural Construction of Gender:.

1. Introduction to Women in Culture.

2. Commonalities and Differences Among Women: Cultural Intersections of Gender, Race, Class and Sexuality.

3. Cultural Images and Stereotypes of Women.

Part II: Cultural Institutions Defining Women:.

4. Women and Popular Culture I -

5. Women and Popular Culture II -
Television and Film.

6. Fashion, Beauty and Health.

7. Motherhood and Families.

8. Sexual Harassment and Sexual Abuse.

Part III: Opportunities for Women in Culture:.

9. Women Creating Culture.

10. Feminism and the Future.

Suggested Activities.


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The editor teaches in the Department of Philosophy and Religion at the American University, Washington, D.C. She is editor (with Bob Leming) of the Resource Guide to Law-Related Education and editor of two volumes in the We The People series published by the American Bar Association: A Handbook on Community Forums on the Constitution, to which she is also a contriutor, and Program Planning Guide for Community Forums on the Constitution.
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* Offers a major collection of key texts.
* Provides questions, reading lists, and notes on activities to aid classroom study.
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"Helpful, editorial summaries of the field, a diverse selection of 'readings'." Journal of American Studies
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