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Global Marketing

ISBN: 978-1-55786-829-9
620 pages
January 1996
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Each chapter in Global Marketing features a unique three-scan model - Competitive Scan, Environmental Scan and Marketing Scan - that provides a consistent framework for analyzing the tremendous variety of global marketing problems. By using one model to determine the similarities and differences of different situations, students are provided with a clearer understanding of how to devise a marketing strategy that works across markets while taking regional differences into account.
Global Marketing: * Discusses contemporary global issues * Covers important cultural issues * Offers a superior discussion of the global environment * Synthesizes traditional and non-traditional analysis * Emphasizes experience-based analysis Each chapter features a chapter outline, learning objectives, conclusions and questions based on the learning objectives. Global Marketing is suitable for marketing practitioners and all international marketing courses at both the undergraduate and postgraduate level.
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Table of Contents



List of Exhibits.

Part I: Introduction: .

1. Marketing Frames of Reference.

2. Organizing Marketing Experience.

Part II: Researching International Markets:.

3. Country Analysis.

4. Demographic Facts.

5. Cultural Insights.

6. Political Realities.

Part III: Positioning Global Brands: .

7. Marketing Teamwork.

8. Marketing Strategy.

9. Product Positioning.

10. Channel Management.

Part IV: Signaling National Information: .

11. Promotion Marketing.

12. Price Signals.

13. Sales Force Behavior.

14. Value Marketing.

15. Marketing Forecasts.

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Author Information

Douglas Lamont is a consultant and lecturer at Kellogg Graduate School of Management, Northwestern University, Evanston, Illinois, USA.
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The Wiley Advantage

* Highly innovative framework in each chapter: competitive, environmental, marketing.
* Analytical approach based on experience.
* Truly global: looks at key regions such as Mexico, China, Japan and Europe.
* Key global industries such as telecommunications integrated into region and scan.
* Coverage of important cultural issues.
* 15 chapters makes the book flexible and easy to use.
* Superior discussion of the global environment.
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"... Professor Lamont is to be commended not only for presenting an excellent analysis of current international marketing strategies, but for proposing and applying a comprehensive framework that will serve readers well in coping with the complex issues facing international markets." Philip Kotler, Kellogg Graduate School of Management, Northwest University

"... I would adopt this text. It has excellent structure, it is rigorous, current, well-written and gets to the point of what information means more so than most (if not all) texts on the market today." Van Wood, Virginia Commonwealth University

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