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Fanon: A Critical Reader

ISBN: 978-1-55786-896-1
368 pages
August 1996, Wiley-Blackwell
Fanon: A Critical Reader (1557868964) cover image
The wide range of disciplines represented here enables the volume to stand as a contextualizing work in Fanon studies. It contains new original essays on Africana philosophy, the human sciences, dialectical humanism, women of color studies, neocolonial and postcolonial studies, violence, and tragedy.
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Foreword: Leonard Harris (Purdue University) & Carolyn Johnson.


Part I: Oppression.

Part II: Questioning the Human Sciences.

Part III: Identity and the Dialectics of Recognition.

Part IV: Fanon and the Emancipation of Women of Color.

Part V: Postcolonial Dreams, Neocolonial Realities.

Part VI: Resistance and Revolutionary Violence.

Afterword: Joy Ann James (University of Massachusetts & University of Colorado).

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Lewis R. Gordon teaches philosophy and African American studies at Purdue University. He is author of Fanon and the Crisis of European Man: An Essay on Philosophy and the Human Sciences (1995) and Bad Faith and Antiblack Racism (1995), as well as editor of Existence in Black: An Anthology of Black Existential Philosophy (1996) and co-editor of Black Texts and Black Textuality: Constructing and de-constructing Blackness.

T. Denean Sharpley-Whiting teaches French and African American Studies at Purdue University. She is co-editor of Spoils of War: Women, Cultures, Revolutions and author of Black Female Bodies, White Male Imaginations: Nineteenth-Century French Narratives on Black Femininity.

Renee T. White teaches sociology and African American Studies at Purdue University. She is co-editor of Black Texts and Black Textuality and Spoils of War. She is also completing her first book, New Sexual Identities: Black Teenage Women and Sex in the AIDS Era.
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* Interdisciplinary approach, including contributors from philosophy, literature and social sciences.
* Critical dimension, undermining the 'construction' of Fanon in elite postcolonial cultural studies.
* Includes new translations of key passages from Fanon, revealing previous misrepresentations.
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