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International Business and Society

ISBN: 978-1-55786-944-9
264 pages
December 1997
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The book takes knowledge and understanding developed within uni-societal studies of business and society and extends the frame of reference to the international arena.
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Table of Contents

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1. Business and Society: Global Issues and Global Environments.

2. Institutions, Ideologies, Technology and the Isms.

3. Managing International Business - Government Relations.

4. Corporate Social Responsibility and Responsiveness.

5. Managing International Stakeholder Relations.

6. Micro-Level Issues: Ethics and Values.

7. Managing Business Ethics in Diverse Societal Environments.

8. Tying it Together: International Issues, Management and Public Affairs.

9. Managing Global Corporate Social Performance.

10. Business and Societies: The Future.

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Author Information

Steven L. Wartick is Associate Professor of Management and Policy at the University of Missouri, St Louis. He has served as President of the International Association for Business and Society as well as Chair of the Social Issues in Management Division of the Academy of Management. Professor Wartick has published numerous articles in the areas of corporate social performance, issues management, and business-government relations, and he currently serves as Associate Editor of the IABS scholarly journal, Business and Society.

Donna J. Wood is Professor of Business Administration at the Katz Graduate School of Business, University of Pittsburgh. She is a past president of the Social Issues in Management division of the Academy of Management and a founder of the International Association for Business and Society. Professor Wood is the editor of the IABS scholarly journal, Business & Society. Her research interests are corporate social performance, stakeholder theory, international business and society, ethics, and government relations.

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The Wiley Advantage

  • First text to explore the breadth of business and society topics within an international context.

  • Extends existing business and society models to a global context and provides new frameworks and conceptualizations such as the "institutional ideological model" and "stakeholder power bases".

  • Models and concepts supported by practical, managerial approach to assist managers to develop new tools for the increasing internationalization of business.
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