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The Year in Human and Medical Genetics: New Trends in Mendelian Genetics, Volume 1214

ISBN: 978-1-57331-789-4
220 pages
January 2011, Wiley-Blackwell
The Year in Human and Medical Genetics: New Trends in Mendelian Genetics, Volume 1214 (1573317896) cover image
The latest edition of The Year in Human and Medical Genetics is focused on exploring new trends in Mendelian genetics. While Mendelian genetics is often seen as an out-dated discipline of interest to rare patients and few scholars, there have been many ground-breaking discoveries have been made in Mendelian genetics in the last decade. Single-gene defects of known Mendelian phenotypes have been deciphered, and novel diagnostic and therapeutic means have been devised, thanks to these studies. Moreover, novel phenotypes have been explored from a Mendelian angle, including common phenotypes.

This volume captures the most important topics in Mendelian genetics through thought-provoking reviews that highlight the importance of classical Mendelian phenotypes and, when applicable, that challenge the "rare disease-rare variant/common disease-common variant" theme so common today. 

Featured topics include: deafness, infectious diseases, kidney diseases, CNS development, autoimmunity, population genetics and Mendelian traits, heart disorders, and obesity.

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