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The Business Owner's Guide to Personal Finance: When Your Business Is Your Paycheck

ISBN: 978-1-57660-025-2
303 pages
January 2002
The Business Owner


If you run your own business, your personal finance needs are unique, and the time spent trying to find solutions is precious. One-size-fits-all advice won't help, but this planning blueprint from Jill Andresky Fraser will. Here at last is a step-by-step guide for building security for you and your loved ones while creating the enterprise you’ve dreamed of:
  • How and when to pay yourself
  • Ways to build your savings while funding your company
  • Low-cost ways to attain medical benefits
  • Estate-planning tools that you can't afford to overlook
  • Insurance tips to protect your family’s finances and your company’s cash flow
  • Savvy investing ideas that complement your company's risks
  • Real-life solutions and insights from successful entrepreneurs
If you run a small family business, a home-based business, a solo practice, or a budding start-up, you need The Business Owners Guide to Personal Finance.
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Table of Contents

Introduction and Hot Topic Index.

Setting Reasonable Goals.
Making a Savvy Transition.
Bootstrapping the Start-up.
Starting Out at Home.
How Much Do You Need in Emergency Reserves?
Incorporation Issues.
Structuring Your Company’s Stock.
Record-Keeping Rules: Save Everything!
Smart Owners Pay Themselves.
The Benefits of Bonuses.
Should You Rely on Personal Funds in Corporate Crises?
Simple Ways to Provide a Health Care Benefit.
Preparing Personal and Corporate Wills.
Life Insurance Protection for Your Family.
Business-Oriented Life Insurance.
Banking Basics.
Friends-and-Family Financing.
The Personal Benefits of Corporate Bartering.
The Self-Test.
Entrepreneurial Insights.
Real-life practical advice and strategies from successful entrepreneurs.
How did they handle their decisions in Stage One?

A New Round of Goal Setting.
Giving Yourself a Raise.
Start to Think about Perks.
Bringing Medical Benefits In-House.
Should You Add Disability Insurance?
Taking Your Personal Cues from Your Company.
Find a Mentor.
Improving Your Debt Profile.
To Move or Not to Move Out of a Home Office.
Planning Proactively for Erratic Cash Flow.
Divorce-Proof Your Company.
Diversifying Your Investments.
The Pros and Cons of Investment Advisers.
Creating an Investment Portfolio.
Saving for Your Children’s College.
Retirement Planning: Make Moves Now.
A Simple Tax-Reduction Strategy.
Do You Need an Independent Board of Directors?
Moving Away from Friends-and-Family Financing.
How to Make the Most of Strategic Partnering.
Where Can You Find Angel Investors?
The Self-Test.
Entrepreneurial Insights.
Personal stories about adding benefits, self-compensation, banking issues,
cash crisis strategies, and more from business owners in Stage Two and
Stage Three.

Planning for the Next Level.
The Wisdom of Deferring Your Compensation.
The Medical Savings Account Alternative.
The Case for Setting Up a 401(k) Plan.
Broadening the Benefit Blanket.
Ways to Enhance Your Company’s Retirement Plan.
Should You Add Real Estate Investments to Your Portfolio?
Investing in a Second Home.
Making Your Own Angel Investments.
Repeat Entrepreneuring: Is It for You?
The Financial Benefits of Charitable Giving.
Protecting Your Downside in Lawsuits, Hard Times.
When Estate-Planning Trusts Can Help.
Starting to Think about Your Exit.
Exiting through a Long-Term Succession Plan.
Exiting through a Sale to Another Individual.
Exiting through a Sale to Another Corporation.
Exiting through an Initial Public Offering.

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Author Information

Jill Andresky Fraser, author of The Business Owner's Guide to Personal Finance, is a successful entrepreneur herself, as well as a longtime financial journalist.  Her company, FraserWalbert Media LLC, offers multimedia communications and strategic marketing services to growth-oriented businesses of all industries.  She has been the finance editor at Inc., a writer at Forbes, and a business columnist for the New York Times. She is also the author of White Collar Sweatshop: The Deterioration of Work and Its Rewards in Corporate America and a public speaker who has addressed a wide range of business topics for audiences across the globe.
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"Entrepreneurs, you've worked too hard to get where you are and not harvest what you’ve earned. Here's a priceless guide to preserving and balancing your financial life."
Bob Morgan
President, Council of Growing Companies

"Rarely are business owners presented with valuable information in an extremely readable form. Jill Fraser accomplishes both with aplomb in The Business Owner's Guide to Personal Finance. Business owners who read it will enrich not only their intellects, but also their bank accounts."
Jay Conrad Levinson
Author, Guerrilla Marketing series of books

"A comprehensive guide for business owners looking to become careful custodians of their personal and corporate assets."
Jane Applegate
Author of 201 Great Ideas for Your Small Business
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