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The Value Factor: How Global Leaders Use Information for Growth and Competitive Advantage

ISBN: 978-1-57660-157-0
144 pages
April 2004
The Value Factor: How Global Leaders Use Information for Growth and Competitive Advantage (1576601579) cover image


What is the only thing a company has that its competitors do not have? What can a company invest in that its competitors cannot replicate?  Information. It’s the new competitive edge. Capitalizing on the information a company owns about its customers, suppliers, and partners is now the value proposition for sustainable long-term growth.

Authors Hurd and Nyberg go inside companies to see the value proposition in practice. Combining case studies and analysts’ insights with common sense and surprisingly simple ideas for growth, The Value Factor shows how companies transform information into a competitive asset. Hurd and Nyberg have access to some of the top companies in every industry and from around the world. In this book, they share their unique perspective on what the innovators are doing to get ahead and stay ahead in today’s tough business environment and how top companies are meeting challenges and turning them into growth opportunities.
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Table of Contents


1. Value Capitalize on Your Information

2. Vision Leadership for Success

3. Control Leverage Corporate Ecosystems

4. Control The Customer Ecosystem

5. Control Supplier, Partner and Operational Logistics

6. Control Risk Management

7. Value Insight, Oversight and Higher Returns

8. Vision The Next Frontiers


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Author Information

Mark Hurd is the former president and chief executive officer of NCR Corporation, a leading global technology company. NCR’s automated teller machines, retail systems, Teradata® data warehouses, and IT services provide Relationship Technology™ solutions that maximize the value of customer interactions.

Hurd was named chief executive officer and elected to the board in March 2003. Previously as president and chief operating officer, he was instrumental in formulating and executing strategies to maximize operating efficiencies and profitability.

Hurd joined NCR in 1980 and was chosen to run the Teradata division in October 1999. He was promoted to chief operating officer of the division within a year. Under Hurd’s leadership, Teradata increased revenue by approximately 36 percent and improved operating performance by over $250 million. Today, Teradata is a $1.2 billion business and the market leader in large data warehouses and analytical solutions that help businesses drive growth.

Hurd now serves as chief executive officer for Hewlett-Packard.

Lars Nyberg is chairman of the board of directors of NCR Corporation, a leading provider of Relationship Technology™ solutions.

Nyberg served as NCR’s chief executive officer from June 1995 until March 2003 and led its transformation from a hardware manufacturer to a technology solutions provider. He also is widely acknowledged as the architect of NCR’s dramatic turnaround following its spinoff from AT&T at the end of 1996. Today, the company is a global technology leader and number one worldwide in data warehouses above one terabyte in size, automated teller machines, and stationary barcode scanners.

Prior to joining NCR, Nyberg spent twenty years with Philips Electronics NV in a number of senior positions. Most recently, he was chairman and CEO of Philips’ Communications Systems Division. Nyberg also serves on the boards of directors of The Sandvik Group in Sweden and Wisconsin-based Snap-on Incorporated.
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“In The Value Factor, Mark Hurd and Lars Nyberg bring us a fresh perspective on some of the most important, commonsense factors that have enabled companies to better leverage data for competitive advantage and business success.”
Randy Mott
Senior Vice President and CIO, Dell

“It’s called ‘The Information Age’ for a reason. Information, even more than capital assets, products, or brands, will be the best source of sustainable competitive advantage. In this book, Nyberg and Hurd have succeeded in outlining a vision and a plan for putting that information to work in ways that drop directly to the bottom line. Better read it if you plan to do any business in the 21st century.”
Don Peppers and Martha Rogers
Founders, Peppers & Rogers Group

“Congratulations to authors Hurd and Nyberg who show us how leaders maximize excellence by maximizing the value of information with every decision. It’s the only way to see the road ahead while doing business at the speed of light.”
Dipak C. Jain
Dean, Kellogg School of Management, Northwestern University

The Value Factor is every executive’s competitive edge. It provides unique perspectives from top global businesses. Implementing these strategic tools and insights will position your company to obtain boundless growth and profitability.”
Bill Milnes
President and CEO, Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Vermont
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