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From Sociology to Cultural Studies: New Perspectives

Elizabeth Long (Editor)
ISBN: 978-1-57718-013-5
544 pages
November 1997, Wiley-Blackwell
From Sociology to Cultural Studies: New Perspectives (1577180135) cover image
This exciting collection of new essays suggests ways that cultural analysis can become more socially grounded, while also challenging sociology to learn from analytic perspectives developed outside the discipline.
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Introduction: Engaging Sociology and Cultural Studies: Disciplinarity and Social Change: Elizabeth Long (Rice University).

Part I: Thinking Through Memory and Tradition.

Part II: Reframing Popular Forms and Usages.

Part III: Relating Cultural Processes and Social Inequality.

Part IV: Engaging Disciplinarity and Other Politics of Knowledge.
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Elizabeth Long is Associate Professor of Sociology at Rice University. A former chair of the Culture Section of the American Sociological Association, she is author of The American Dream and the Best Selling Novel (Blackwell), and is currently completing work on Reading Together, Women's Reading Groups and the Making of America
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* First collection to address the connections between sociology and cultural studies.
* Newly commissioned articles from the most prominent scholars doing work in this area.
* Essays combine the empirical and theoretical work to make the link between sociology and the analytical perspectives found outside the discipline.
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"Steve Redhead's book is a collection of pieces that show 'popular cultural studies' (as he calls it) at their most lucid and at the same time their most frustrating. The collection maps the shift form subculture- fairly rigid oppositional groups responding to dominant cultural trends-to clubcultures which are apparently more diverse, fragmentary and consumerist. This shift is framed within the move from 'moralistic individualism to hedonistic individualism'. as such the book maps Redhead's unique blend of socio-legal critique, demonstrating the centrality of the popular in the regulation and legitimation of society." Bookends 1998.<!--end-->

"Combining a thoughtful assessment of the intellectual roots of cultural studies with an impassioned inquiry into its future directions, this original and intellectually vibrant collection of essays is an important intervention in the field. By rigorously insisting on the importance of questions about social structure and social process to cultural studies’ past, the authors of these essays demonstrate how a more socially oriented approach can revivify the tradition and strengthen its capacity fir practical and political intervention in the future. A ‘must read’ for anyone interested in the work that cultural studies can do." – Janice Radway, Duke University

"In this exciting collection, Long has drawn together scholars whose work represents the potential shared concerns and characteristics of sociology and cultural studies: that of responding to changes in the world and maintaining a sense of a project for a more egalitarian society. It will be of interest to sociologists and cultural studies scholars and students alike as a set of invigorating challenges to both fields." – Ann Gray, University of Birmingham, UK

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