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Sector Trading Strategies

ISBN: 978-1-59280-307-1
164 pages
August 2007
Sector Trading Strategies (1592803075) cover image


Introducing Deron Wagner's Sector Trading Strategies – a brilliantly simple way to target profits in every market. Wagner walks you through his strategies for charting the market sectors, helping you determine if your stock, option, or other financial product is positioned for huge profit – or actually at risk for a loss.

Wagner focuses first on the skills necessary for sector trading – identifying the realm of tradeable sectors, picking the best indicators, and analyzing risk – then lays out his top three strategic methodologies for effective sector trading. To maximize the power of this guide, you'll also receive access to an interactive online review tool at Traders' Library's Education Corner.

Inside, learn the nuts and bolts of successful sector trading:

  • The basics of reciprocal relationships and how to profit from them;
  • How to follow mutual fund and other institutional money flow to find the next big trade;
  • How and when to rotate your investment capital and optimize your returns;
  • How to identify strong and weak sectors to place trades that have the best possible upside;
  • Various methods for entering and exiting positions to gain and protect profits;
  • How to increase your daily number of trading opportunities to exploit any market condition;
  • How ETFs and options can be leveraged to get the most from the least;
  • How to analyze risk to increase your trading peace of mind.

To obtain the trading power of the big institutions, you need Wagner's Sector Trading Strategies. With his help, you will be able to generate consistent profits no matter what the markets throw your way.

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Table of Contents

From the Publisher vii

Meet Deron Wagner xi

Chapter 1: Fundamentals of Sector Trading 1

Chapter 2: The Realm of Tradable Sectors 11

Chapter 3: Technical and Fundamental 23

Chapter 4: Sector Rotation Strategies 37

Chapter 5: Sector Tracking Indices 53

Chapter 6: Swing Trading on the Sector Level 73

Chapter 7: Buing Long and Selling Short 83

Chapter 8: The Exchange Traded Fund (ETF) Approach 91

Chapter 9: Sector Trading with Options 101

Appendix A: Table 1: Example Breakdown of Sectors 111

Appendix B: Efficient ETF Executions 117

Appendix C: Options Basics 129

Glossary 143

Bibliography 151

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Author Information

DERON WAGNER is the founder and head portfolio manager of Morpheus Capital LP, a long/short equity hedge fund, as well as Morpheus Trading Group, a trader education firm specializing in exchange-traded funds and stocks. Recently, Wagner launched his Hong Kong–based company, DragonCharts, which helps foster the development of traders through education with live online stock analysis webinars, and includes a proprietary stock scanning platform. Wagner is the author of the first edition of this book and coauthor of The Long-Term Day Trader and The After-Hours Trader. He also appears in the popular DVD Sector Trading Strategies and is a frequent guest speaker at various financial seminars around the world. He has appeared on CNBC and ABC. Wagner teaches his ETF investment and trading methodology through his Wagner Daily and Wagner Weekly newsletters.
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