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Tracking Your Development

ISBN: 978-1-60491-064-3
75 pages
April 2009, Pfeiffer
Tracking Your Development (160491064X) cover image


This book provides you with the means to set development goals and to track your progress on achieving them. It can help you efficiently gather and make sense of information about your progress and avoid common pitfalls that can block your development. Tracking your development can be captures in a few steps: articulating your goal, creating an action plan, gathering information about your behavior, indentifying barriers and support, and revising your action plan. Taking these steps will greatly increase the likelihood of achieving your goals.
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Table of Contents

7 Keeping Track Is Important

8 Articulate Your Development Goal

11 Create an Action Plan

14 Get the Information You Need

23 Identify Barriers and Sources of Support

26 Revise Your Action Plan

27 Pull It All Together

28 Suggested Readings

28 Background

29 Key Point Summary

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Author Information

The Center for Creative Leadership (CCL) is an international, nonprofit educational institution whose mission is to advance the understanding, practice, and development of leadership for the benefit of society worldwide. We conduct research, produce publications, and provide a broad variety of educational programs and products to leaders and organizations in the public, corporate, and nonprofit sectors.

Kelly M. Hannum is the manager of research in CCL's global research group. Her primary interest is in the application and development of research and evaluation methodologies in global contexts. She has a Ph.D. in educational research, measurement, and evaluation form the University of North Carolina at Greensboro.

Emily Hoole is the director of CCL's evaluation center. She is responsible for the evaluation of global leadership development efforts. She has a Ph.D. in assessment and measurement from James Madison University.

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