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Fake: My Life as a Rogue Trader

ISBN: 978-1-74031-099-4
288 pages
September 2011
Fake: My Life as a Rogue Trader (1740310993) cover image


Fake is the fascinating story of one of the four 'rogue traders' whose foreign exchange trading cost the National Australia Bank $360 million. The resulting scandal was swiftly followed by the resignation of the CEO and Chairman. Later, unprecedented boardroom brawling erupted as directors sought to shift the blame and seek scapegoats. Against the backdrop of this multimillion-dollar trading frenzy, David Bullen takes the reader into his trading world, where players worked hard and partied harder, treating the staff at other desks with contempt and the trades as little more than a game. But David is a complex character, and this story is also the story of his personal journey from a self-confessed hedonist enjoying the lavish perks of corporate life to his involvement in the drug-enhanced dance party scene and finally his search for enlightenment. As his attitude shifts from one of unabashed arrogance to tolerance and detachment, so he realises that he was only 'a faker making fake trades'.
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