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Building Wealth and Loving It: A Down-to-Earth Guide to Personal Finance and Investing

ISBN: 978-1-74216-995-8
256 pages
April 2010, Wrightbooks
Building Wealth and Loving It: A Down-to-Earth Guide to Personal Finance and Investing (1742169953) cover image
The rich know all about money -- they know how to make it, invest it, spend it and enjoy it. And now, with the help of this book, it's possible for you to unlock the secrets of the wealthy and start making your own dreams a reality.

Building Wealth & Loving It provides you with a simple, proven formula for financial success. Expert author Jimmy B. Prince will help you sort out your budget, choose the right assets and develop an investment plan that works for you. Packed with handy tips, amusing anecdotes and practical case studies, this book will give you the confidence and know-how to take stock of your finances and start investing wisely -- while enjoying the ride!

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Part I Let the games begin: getting organised.

1 Laying down the foundations.

2 Building wealth the smart way.

3 Who is in command? Ownership structures.

4 Borrowing to build wealth.

Part II Watch your money grow: building wealth.

5 Investing your hard-earned dough.

6 Pooling your money: managed funds.

7 Making money on the sharemarket.

8 How to buy and sell shares.

9 Taxing your share transactions.

10 Building a quality share portfolio.

11 Doing your sums: understanding share ratios.

12 Staking out a claim: investing in property.

13 Taxing your property transactions.

14 Home sweet home: using your residence to build wealth.

Part III Reaping the harvest: superannuation and retirement

15 Investing in superannuation.

16 Self managed superannuation funds.

17 Receiving a pension.

18 Parting is such sweet sorrow: death and taxes.



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Jimmy B. Prince is a fellow of CPA Australia and a tax specialist. He is a former lecturer at LaTrobe University, and teaches at the Centre for Adult Education. He has authored several investment books including Tax for Australians For Dummies, and has worked for the Australian Taxation Office and CPA Australia.
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