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SPSS Version 18.0 for Windows: Analysis Without Anguish

ISBN: 978-1-74246-727-6
287 pages
December 2011, ©2011
SPSS Version 18.0 for Windows: Analysis Without Anguish (174246727X) cover image


This latest edition of SPSS: Analysis Without Anguish is based on Version 18.0 of SPSS for Windows (also known as PASW Statistics 18).  It serves as a useful guide for both the beginner and experienced users of the software, with extensive screen displays and step-by-step examples.

SPSS: Analysis without Anguish Version 18.0 is software used by social scientists and related professionals for statistical analysis across a number of disciplines, including business, health, social sciences, environmental science and geography. It can also be value packed with other Wiley textbooks in subjects such as statistics, market research and research methods to save students money.

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Table of Contents


SECTION 1 How to use SPSS.

CHAPTER 1 Introduction to SPSS.

CHAPTER 2 Preparation of data files.

CHAPTER 3 Data screening and transformation.

CHAPTER 4 Descriptive statistics.

CHAPTER 5 Correlation.

CHAPTER 6 t-tests.

CHAPTER 7 One-way between-groups ANOVA with planned comparisons.

CHAPTER 8 One-way between-groups ANOVA with planned comparisons.

CHAPTER 9 Two-way between-groups ANOVA.

CHAPTER 10 One-way repeated-measures ANOVA.

CHAPTER 11 Two-way repeated-measures ANOVA.

CHAPTER 12 Trend analysis.

CHAPTER 13 Mixed/split plot design (SPANOVA).

CHAPTER 14 One-way analysis of covariance (ANCOVA).

CHAPTER 15 Reliability analysis.

CHAPTER 16 Factor analysis.

CHAPTER 17 Multiple regression.

CHAPTER 18 Multiple analysis of variance (MANOVA).

CHAPTER 19 Nonparametric techniques.

CHAPTER 20 Multiple response analysis and multiple dichotomy analysis.

CHAPTER 21 Multidimensional scaling.

CHAPTER 22 Working with output.

SECTION 2 Analysing data with SPSS.

CHAPTER 23 Introduction and research questions.

CHAPTER 24 Practising analytical techniques.

SECTION 3 Further practice.

CHAPTER 25 Extra practice.


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New to This Edition

• New screenshots to reflect SPSS v18
• New data output clips for Chapter 19 Non-parametric techniques because of differences in procedures
• New content in Chapter 9 on ‘Automated Data Preparation'
• Revised homework exercises in Section 1 of Chapter 24
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The Wiley Advantage

  • Section 1 introduces users to the features and techniques available within the SPSS package
  • Section 2 enables user to examine real-life data obtained from actual research projects. There are a range of exercises with varying degrees of complexity. These exercises can be used by students for personal practice and study, or set by lecturers as take-home assignments.
  • Section 3 offers additional practice examples
  • Optional bundling with SPSS v18.0 student software. The student version of the software (IBM SPSS GradPack 18.0) includes the full version of the Base module as well as two add-on modules (Regression and Advanced models). For Windows users a separate module for structural equation modelling (SEM) is also included. This offers students a wide range of basic and advanced statistics and analytical techniques.
  • Handy hints section at the end of most chapters
  • Spiral bound for ease of use at the computer
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