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Managing Change Across Corporate Cultures

ISBN: 978-1-84112-578-7
316 pages
September 2005, Capstone
Managing Change Across Corporate Cultures (1841125784) cover image


Managing Change Across Corporate Cultures peels away the mysteries of corporate culture to reveal why it has such a powerful influence on every aspect of the performance of a business. It shows how to shape high-performing corporate cultures in a complex international environment.

As the natural successor to Fons Trompenaars and Charles Hampden-Turner?s landmark bestseller, Riding the Waves of Culture, Managing Change Across Corporate Cultures shows exactly how to create an environment where astonishing business breakthroughs are possible. You will also learn how to renew cultures as part of change and how to integrate cultures successfully following mergers, acquisitions and joint ventures.

New research shows that in cross-border business, differences in corporate culture have more far-reaching repercussions than even differences in national cultures. Never before has there been such enormous interest in shaping and changing the cultures of our businesses, whether to revitalise them after restructuring or to provide the glue that holds them together through the sea changes of globalization.

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Table of Contents


Understanding corporate culture.

Existing models for understanding and mapping corporate cultures.

The reconciling corporate culture: reconciling nine dimensions of corporate culture.

Corporate culture: the international perspective.

Corporate culture and success... or failure.

Creating and changing a corporate culture.

Integrating different corporate cultures in mergers, acquisitions, joint ventures and alliances.

Deriving strength from the tension between seemingly opposite values.




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Author Information

Fons Trompenaars is director of Trompenaars-Hampden-Turner (THT), an innovative centre of excellence in intercultural management.  He is the world's foremost authority on cross-cultural management and is author and co-author of several books, including Did the Pedestrian Die?, 21 leaders for the 21st Century and the worldwide bestseller, Riding the Waves of  Culture.

Peter Prud'Homme is an expert in business culture.  For nearly fifteen years he was a manager with international responsibilities at Philips, where he was involved in a major corporate culture change programme (Centurion).  Since 1993 he has been a corporate culture consultant to major American, European and Asian companies in 35 countries.  Peter has worked with THT for 6 years and now has his own consultancy, Cross-Cultural Organisations.  Peter has been published extensively on the impact of culture on globalization, leadership and mergers & acquisitions.

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“….a stimulating and readable exploration…” (Professional Manager, January 2005)
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