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Get a Life: Setting your 'Life Compass' for Success

ISBN: 978-1-84112-648-7
174 pages
February 2005, Capstone
Get a Life: Setting your


  • Get a Life focuses on raising self-awareness and finding proactive ways to improve your life.
  • Guides you through six key areas of your life: Career, Mind/Body, Finance, Relationships, Fun and Contribution.
  • Features text case studies and challenge points all designed to help you get to the heart of what it is that motivates you and what you wish to achieve.
  • Challenges you to reflect upon the way you think and behave and provides strategies for implementing changes.

"Get a Life adds new and compelling dimensions to the idea of personal effectiveness both at work and at home. It balances some 'killer app' personal productivity tools alongside tremendous insights to manage your life goals and excellent advice on physical and mental well-being to achieve a winning performance-indispensable."
Mike Dunlop, HR Mananger, Sun Microsystems

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Table of Contents

1. Get a Life?

2. The LifeCompass.

3. Compass Point 1: Career.

4. Compass Point 2: Mind/body.

5. Compass Point 3: Finance.

6. Compass Point 4: Relationships.

7. Compass Point 5: Fun.

8. Compass Point 6: Contribution.

9. LifeCompass: Every day.

10. The master list.

11. LifeCompass: Integration and Synergy.

12. LifeCompass: Evolution?

13. LifeCompass: Begin.


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Author Information

Nicholas Bate is Founder and MD of Strategic Edge, a consultancy established 15 years ago with the simple aim of enabling individuals to realise and release their true potential. Prior to launching Strategic Edge Nicholas Bate carried out research in the field of molecular biophysics, taught in the state sector and worked in sales and marketing in several corporate environments. He is an accredited MBTI practitioner (Step 1 and Step 2), a fully accredited Master Practitioner of NLP and a 'Mind-ways Inside' accredited trainer. His current major clients include Microsoft and Marks & Spencer.
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"...crammed with practical ways to improve your life..." (Aurora, January 2005)

"...this book is a keeper...getabstract.com recommends this book to those who want to reshape their lives for satisfaction, happiness and productivity at work and at home." (getAbstract.com, 30th September 2005)

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