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Thematic Cartography, 3-Volume Set

ISBN: 978-1-84821-109-4
1280 pages
March 2010, Wiley-ISTE
Thematic Cartography, 3-Volume Set (1848211090) cover image


This series in three volumes considers maps as constructions resulting from a number of successive transformations and stages integrated in a logical reasoning and an order of choices.
  • Volume 1 introduces the basis of thematic cartography; the map is regarded as a construct due to transformation processes.
  • Volume 2 focuses on the impact of the quantitative revolution, partially related to the advent of the computer age, on thematic cartography.
  • Volume 3 is exclusively focused on the new approaches on thematic cartography offered by the three successive revolutions affecting the discipline: digital, multimedia and the Internet.
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"With a strong focus on theory and method, and systematic presentation of each concept, the volumes are directed to students of cartography and geography." (Book News Inc, November 2010)
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