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Paradigms of Combinatorial Optimization: Problems and New Approaches, Volume 2

ISBN: 978-1-84821-148-3
704 pages
August 2010, Wiley-ISTE
Paradigms of Combinatorial Optimization: Problems and New Approaches, Volume 2 (1848211481) cover image
Combinatorial optimization is a multidisciplinary scientific area, lying in the interface of three major scientific domains: mathematics, theoretical computer science and management.
The three volumes of the Combinatorial Optimization series aims to cover a wide range of topics in this area. These topics also deal with fundamental notions and approaches as with several classical applications of combinatorial optimization.

“Paradigms of Combinatorial Optimization” is divided in two parts:
• Paradigmatic Problems, that handles several famous combinatorial optimization problems as max cut, min coloring, optimal satisfiability tsp, etc., the study of which has largely contributed to both the development, the legitimization and the establishment of the Combinatorial Optimization as one of the most active actual scientific domains;
• Classical and New Approaches, that presents the several methodological approaches that fertilize and are fertilized by Combinatorial optimization such as: Polynomial Approximation, Online Computation, Robustness, etc., and, more recently, Algorithmic Game Theory.

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Preface xvii
Vangelis Th. PASCHOS


Chapter 1. Optimal Satisfiability 3
Cristina BAZGAN

Chapter 2. Scheduling Problems 33
Philippe CHRÉTIENNE and Christophe PICOULEAU

Chapter 3. Location Problems 61
Aristotelis GIANNAKOS

Chapter 4. MiniMax Algorithms and Games 89

Chapter 5. Two-dimensional Bin Packing Problems 107
Andrea LODI, Silvano MARTELLO, Michele MONACI and Daniele VIGO

Chapter 6. The Maximum Cut Problem 131
Walid BEN-AMEUR, Ali Ridha MAHJOUB and José NETO

Chapter 7. The Traveling Salesman Problem and its Variations 173
Jérôme MONNOT and Sophie TOULOUSE

Chapter 8. 0–1 Knapsack Problems 215
Gérard PLATEAU and Anass NAGIH

Chapter 9. Integer Quadratic Knapsack Problems 243
Dominique QUADRI, Eric SOUTIF and Pierre TOLLA

Chapter 10. Graph Coloring Problems 265
Dominique DE WERRA and Daniel KOBLER


Chapter 11. Polynomial Approximation 313
Marc DEMANGE and Vangelis Th. PASCHOS

Chapter 12. Approximation Preserving Reductions 351
Giorgio AUSIELLO and Vangelis Th. PASCHOS

Chapter 13. Inapproximability of Combinatorial Optimization Problems 381

Chapter 14. Local Search: Complexity and Approximation 435

Chapter 15. On-line Algorithms 473

Chapter 16. Polynomial Approximation for Multicriteria Combinatorial Optimization Problems 511
Eric ANGEL, Evripidis BAMPIS and Laurent GOURVÈS

Chapter 17. An Introduction to Inverse Combinatorial Problems 547
Marc DEMANGE and Jérôme MONNOT

Chapter 18. Probabilistic Combinatorial Optimization 587
Cécile MURAT and Vangelis Th. PASCHOS

Chapter 19. Robust Shortest Path Problems 615
Virginie GABREL and Cécile MURAT

Chapter 20. Algorithmic Games 641
Aristotelis GIANNAKOS and Vangelis PASCHOS

List of Authors 675

Index 681

Summary of Other Volumes in the Series 689

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"Finally, the essay is useful for researchers and scientists in diverse fields (mathematics, programmers, engineers, etc.) as well as post-graduate students (and even undergraduates)." (Contemporary Physics, 19 August 2011)


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