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Practising Evidence-based Medicine Learner's Manual, 3rd Edition

ISBN: 978-1-85775-346-2
126 pages
July 1998, BMJ Books
Practising Evidence-based Medicine Learner


Based on the popular courses run by the Centre for Evidence-Based Medicine in Oxford, this workbook provides exercises suitable for researchers and students.
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Table of Contents

Session 1.

Part A: Therapy (carotid endarterectomy).

Part B: Introduction to the CADTMaker software (optional).

Session 2.

Part A: Diagnosis.

Section 1: lung scans.

Section 2: ferritin.

Part B: Searching the evidence-based literature.

Session 3.

Part A: Prognosis (stroke).

Part B: Searching the evidence-base literature.

Session 4.

Part A: Systematic reviews.

Section 1: thrombolysis.

Section 2: hypertension management.

Part B: Searching the primary literature.

Session 5.

Part A: Harm (calcium antagonists).

Part B: Surfing the Web for evidence.

Session 6.

Part A: Presentations.

Part B: Searching the Cochrane Library.

Session 7.

Part A: Presentations.

Part B: Feedback and celebration.


Glossary of terms.

Review of study designs.

Extracts from Evidence-base Medicine

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