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Children's Speech and Literacy Difficulties: A Psycholinguistic Framework, Book 1

ISBN: 978-1-86156-030-8
398 pages
October 1997


This book presents a systematic hypothesis testing approach to the assessment of speech processing skills in children, and is based on the popular courses run by the authors. The book aims to develop the knowledge and analytical skills of those who need to administer and evaluate assessment materials. Principles of psycholinguistic investigation are introduced through a series of activities relating to theoretical and practical issues. The book demonstrates through case studies how to profile and interpret a child's performance within a developmental psycholinguistic model. It will be of particular interest to practitioners, researchers and students in the following areas: speech and language therapy; education; clinical, educational and developmental psychology and child language and clinical linguistics.
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Table of Contents

Why Psycholoinguistic Assessment?

What do Tests Really Test?

The assessment Framework.

A Developmental Speech Processing Model.

Psycholinguistic profiling.

Using This Approach in Practice and Research.

Designing Your own test Items.

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