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Assessing Business Potential: A Biodata Approach

ISBN: 978-1-86156-175-6
220 pages
April 2001
Assessing Business Potential: A Biodata Approach (186156175X) cover image


This book is about the identification, measurement and assessment of business potential among possible future or existing employees. It examines research on using biographical information about individuals to determine their potential in a specific organisational environment. Such biodata can be used by managers when recruiting new staff, and when selecting staff for promotion. This is a valuable source book for managers and students who need to gain a better understanding of the prediction of business performance at the level of the employee.
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Table of Contents

1 - Assessing Potential.

2 - Biodata, History.

3 - Different approaches to Biodata.

4 - Why use Biodata?

5 - How to use Biodata.

6 - What does Biodata Predict?

7 - The Predictors of Business Success.


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