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The Transpersonal Relationship in Psychotherapy

ISBN: 978-1-86156-249-4
356 pages
February 2002
The Transpersonal Relationship in Psychotherapy (1861562497) cover image
This book is written with the sap of three disciplines- philosophy, psychology and physical science: the study of thinking, the study of the psyche and the study of nature. It comes from a lifelong engagement with the meaning of life, death and transformation for the author and for others, which has included a dedication to the mystic traditions in several religions. Professor Clarkson examines the transpersonal relationship, which permeates the work of creativity, healing, growth and dying - particularly in all the healing relationships of psychotherapy. This book is for psychotherapists and all others involved in the healing professions.
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Preface Acknowledgements.

1 What is Transpersonal?.

2 Overview of The transpersonal Relationship Dimension in all Psychotherapies.

3 Transpersonal psychotherapy.

4 Prima Materia- The Opening of Work.

5 Nigredo- Disillusionment in The Theraputic Relationship and in Life.

6 Albedo- Getting Better- The reparative or Developmentally Needed Relationship.

7 Citrinitas- The Existensial person-to-person Relationship.

8 Rubedo- Death and Rebirth, The Transpersonal relationship.

9 The Continuation of The Work- Eternal Return.

10 Transpersonal training, Supervision and Continuing Education.




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