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Adult Cochlear Implant Rehabilitation

ISBN: 978-1-86156-321-7
348 pages
September 2004
Adult Cochlear Implant Rehabilitation (1861563213) cover image
This book provides information and resources to assist in all stages of a client' s implant program, building on a transdisciplinary model of practice. It includes material covering a wide variety of topics including assessment, switch-on, client focused auditory rehabilitation, techniques for telephone training, communication therapy for social interactions, speech-language therapy intervention and psychosocial aspects of implant work. This is a practical text, and should appeal to a range of professionals new to cochlear implants including audiologists, hearing therapists and psychologists while providing the experienced clinician with new insights and fresh materials. The text' s structure makes it ideal as a training tool for students.
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Chapter 1 Inhtroduction: towards a more holistic and transdiciplinary model of rehabilitation, Anthony Hogan.

Chapter 2 The assessment of adult cochlear implant candidates, Karen Pedley and Ellen Giles.

Chapter 3 The 'switch-on' period, Karen Pedley and Ellen Giles.

Chapter 4 Aural rehabilitation following cochlear implantation: key objectives of an aural rehabilitation programme, Karen Pedley and Ellen Giles.

Chapter 5 Aural rehabilitation following cochlear implantation: a staged approach to auditory training, Karen Pedley and Ellen Giles.

Chapter 6 Aural rehabilitation following cochlear implantation: forming an intervention plan, Karen Pedley and Ellen Giles.

Chapter 7 Social-interactional elements of communication therapy for adult cochlear implant recipients, Christopher Lind and Lisa Dyer.

Chapter 8 Speech and language therapy in the rehabilitation of an adult with a cochlear implant, Susan Hamrouge and Sarah Worsfold.

Chapter 9 Integrating psychosocial aspects of rehabilitation in your programme, Anthony Hogan with Andrea Lynch.

Chapter 10 Telephone training with a cochlear implant, Ellen Giles.

Chapter 11 Practical aspects of cochlear implant use, Ellen Giles.



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