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Language Therapy: A Programme to Teach English

ISBN: 978-1-870332-32-3
308 pages
February 2010
Language Therapy: A Programme to Teach English (1870332326) cover image


Language Therapy offers a comprehensive approach to dealing with the problem of language delay using therapy based on the LARSP and the Laura Lee frameworks.
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Table of Contents


Book One - Guidelines for Assessment and Therapy.

1. Assessment - the Baseline of Therapy.

2. Planning a Session.

3. The Importance of Reception.

4. Creating Relevance and Context: situtational; intentional linguistic; listener and conversational.

5. Motivation.

6. Techniques.

7. Equipment.

8. Home Visiting.

9. School Vist.


Book Two - LARSP - Techniques and Suggestions for each Stage.

1. Stage 1: Vocalisation and the First Lexicon.

2. LARSP - Stage I.

3. Stages II-IV - Developing Language Complexity.

4. Stage II - Clauses.

5. Stage III - Expansions.

6. Transition to Stage IV - Expansions.

7. Stage IV - Clauses.

8. Stage V - Clauses, Phrases, Word.

9. Stage VI - (+) New types of construction, (-) Errors made on all previous constructions.

Book Three - Therapy with Special Grammatical Categories: The Phrasal Component.


1. Determiners: The article: the , a(n).

2. Pronouns: Definition and description.

3. Verbs: Definition and description.

4. The Negative: Definition and description.

5. Questions: Definition and description.

6. Conjunctions: Definition and description.

7. Adverbs: Definition and description.

8. Adjectives: Definition and description.

9. Prepositions: Definition and description.

Activities to teach prepositions.

Metaphorical use of prepositions.



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