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American History Workbook, Volume II: Since 1860

ISBN: 978-1-881089-82-7
188 pages
July 2003, ©2003, Wiley-Blackwell
American History Workbook, Volume II: Since 1860 (1881089827) cover image

Table of Contents

Instructions for Students.

14. The Civil War.

15. Reconstructing the South.

16. Raiding the Continent.

17. The Search for New Frontiers.

18. Taming Forces of Social Change.

19. Progressive Empire and Progressive Reform.

20. Of War, Money, Preachers, and Jazz.

21. Hitting Bottom and Climbing Back Up.

22. World War II and its Prelude.

23. Warm Hearths and a Cold War.

24. Politics Takes to the Streets.

25. Vietnam – The Longest War.

26. Testing the Reach of Power.

27. New Alignments and a New War.

John McClymer: How to Study History.

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