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Sweeteners, 3rd Edition

Rachel Wilson (Editor)
ISBN: 978-1-905224-42-5
200 pages
October 2007, Wiley-Blackwell
Sweeteners, 3rd Edition (1905224427) cover image


Sweeteners constitute a major additives and ingredients group for the food industry, with their application ranging across all product sectors. The large number of sweeteners available to the product developer enables the creation of sweet-tasting products without the calorie contribution of traditional sugars. The combination of bulk and intense sweeteners allows very specific tailoring of sweetener specifications to fit the technical restrictions of particular products and the sweetness profiles required.

First published in 1996, The Sweeteners Handbook has been an essential reference tool for the food industry, providing detailed information on the properties and applications of the sweeteners currently permitted for use in foodstuffs. The third edition of this book contains new sections on neotame, isomaltulose and trehalose, and fully revised and updated sections on bulk and intense sweeteners by experts who manufacture or use these sweeteners in food development and production.

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Table of Contents


Part 1. Intense Sweeteners.

1.1 Acesulfame K.

1.2 Alitame.

1.3 Aspartame.

1.4 Brazzeine.

1.5 Cyclamate.

1.6 Glycyrrhizin.

1.7 Neohesperidine.

1.8 Neotame.

1.9 Saccharin.

1.10 Stevioside.

1.11 Sucralose.

1.12 Thaumatin.

Part 2. Bulk Sweeteners.

2.1 Crystalline Fructose.

2.2 Erythritol.

2.3 Isomalt.

2.4 Isomaltulose.

2.5 Lactitol.

2.6 Malitol & Malitol Syrup.

2.7 Mannitol.

2.8 Sorbitol & Sorbitol Syrup.

2.9 Trehalose.

2.10 Xylitol.

Part 3. Legislation.

3.1 European Community Legislation.

3.2 UK Legislation.

3.3 Gulf States Legislation.

3.4 USA Legislation.

3.5 Other Countries.

Appendix: Suppliers.


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Author Information

Rachel Wilson has worked in the food industry for over 12 years. She started her career in product development at Masterfoods, focusing on drinks development and pioneering the development of the Mars drink. She then moved to CP Kelco where she held a number of positions including research and development of new gelling and thickening agents; technical service and support to customers across a wide range of application areas; technical training of customers and distributors across Europe; and business development manager. Rachel joined Leatherhead Food International in 2002 where she delivered training courses on food ingredients. Now working as a senior technical advisor to LFI’s clients, Rachel specialises in providing information about food ingredients.
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The Wiley Advantage

The third edition of this comprehensive reference

Contains new sections on neotame, isomaltulose and trehalose

Published jointly by Blackwell and Leatherhead Food International, the book has been developed by Leatherhead's team of experienced technical advisors

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"The Ingredients Handbook constitites a comprehensive source of information on food additives, colours, sweeteners, fat replacers and pre and probiotics." Beverage and Food World<!--end-->

"An essential reference tool for the food industry providing detailed information on the properties and applications of the sweeteners currently permitted for use in our foods."
International Food Information Service

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